Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No one died


How is still beyond me.  I was watching 'So you think you can dance." and this was one of the songs they danced to.  Talk about muscle memory.

This song is so tied to Judd's dark days
I honestly don't know how either of us survived...but we did.

At one point my only goal was to get her to the age of 18.  It seems a silly goal now, but it is what I held onto. My life raft in an uncertain time.

No one died and she went on to be a strong and beautiful woman. She married a terrific husband and they have the most amazing child.

I would I could have stepped forward in time when she was sixteen and known her future. It would have made my life much easier, though at the time knowing she had a dark and handsome stranger in her future probably would not have mattered. Not at that point.

She was smart enough to know a good thing when she saw it.

Would her mother had the same sense.
I love you babe.