Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is this thing that burns my eyes?

Sunshine?  I'd forgotten what it looked like.

Worst air in the nation

It doesn't have Blogger button so I can't share it without making you link, sorry.

Suffice it to say that Utah has had the WORST January as far as air quality goes.  It is impossible to tell the sun from a full moon.  The news said that breathing this air was like forcing everyone in the valley to smoke a full pack of cigarettes. 

Normally it takes a big wind to blow the gunk out of the valley.  SLC is like a bowl just waiting to be filled.  There have been no big winds, but there must be some higher up because I can see blue sky amidst the clouds.  Not haze, actual puffy white clouds.

What a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grand Critters

The kids got her from a shelter. She'd been returned twice.
She's the sweetest cat ever and gets along with the boys.

The Lordling
 Um, driving? At least he's attentive - no texting and such ;)

The Boys
Lord Reginald and Captain Barbosa
(I suspect a treat was involved to get this unified concentration)

Autumn and Picca
Autumn is the Guinea Pig
That makes Picca the bird - not sure what kind she is.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And a good time was had by all

I know that is not the normal thing you hear when someone is telling you about a funeral.  But then my family is not normal. 

When my dad was in the ICU the nurse let the entire family in.  She said, "I know you'll make him laugh and that's what he needs right now."  We didn't let her down.

Other nurses over the years have not been as appreciative of our "Quayle" humor and we've been asked to leave emergency waiting rooms... but we don't take it personally.  It just gives us something else to laugh about.

The road trip out to Grantsville started the whole thing.  Jokes, laughter and general mayhem could be found.  Once in the church we tried to sober it up but it wasn't to be.  We walked passed the viewing room waving to Thomas and the girls - we were on our way to the bathroom and did not realize how it looked until after we'd passed the doorway.

You can just imagine the confused looks and 'where'd they go?'  That started us giggling and by the time we were in the viewing room it was contagious and the kids were laughing and talking about some of the other times when "Quayle" humor had not been appropriate. 

I say it beats a lot of mopey faces.  Don't get me wrong there were tears but there was happiness too and fond memories of good times.

Favorite moments:

My mom's bishop lived across the street from my parents and we all know him very well.  He's a great guy.  He's pretty freaking old and he's been there for all the burials. 
I said, "Guess you'll live to see us all buried." 
He said, "Yes.  Yes I am."
Jake says, "Sounds like a death threat.  Get a restraining order."

Karson, my great nephew, goes up for a final good bye to his Nana and standing before the casket realizes he needs to zip up and proceeds to do so.   Jake says, "Why would you at that moment say: 'Hey who turned on the air conditioner?  Oh! Zip'."

Jess fighting laughter at every turn.  Me handing her tissue to cover it up.  Of course it didn't help when I'm belting out the songs with replacement words.

Oh and Scotty was infamous for his Key Lime Pie. At his funeral we inquired if another Quayle had taken yet another secret to the grave and no one seemed to know or deigned not to respond.  The Relief Society President was talking and of course mentioned Scotty's pie and then she said these words, "I have the recipe but I'm sure I'll never do it justice."  Jess and I sit up, look at each other.  We now KNOW who has the recipe.  In the hallway after I suddenly remember this and say, "We've got to find that lady with the recipe.  Thomas...."  Seems Thomas has it too and is going to bring it and a pie to the family reunion.  Bribery will get you every where Thomas darling.

The Bishop got up to talk and he said something to the effect that even with the sadness of the day it is wonderful to see the laughter and the joy. And it is good to know that we all can rejoice in two people coming together to find Gods love forever in eternity.... blah, blah, blah

Way wrong dude.  Quayle humor. No eternity about it.  It is how Quayle's survive day in and day out.

Except occasionally when we melt down like I did this past weekend.  But now I can laugh at myself 'cause dude, really?  Really? 

May this be the last funeral for a while.  Of course my mom's Bishop is getting old and he's vowed to see us all in the grave.  If the rest of us start dropping off mysteriously call the cops!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Big sigh...

'nother one bites the dust...
and another one's gone
and another one's gone
duh, duh, duh
'nother one bites the dust...

My brother's 'bride' as they called her at his funeral, died.
I am honestly surprised she didn't die within days of Scotty's passing

While I am sad and crying, it is only for myself.
Her death was a 'good dead'.
She'd battled cancer for years, upon years.  I think it was during my first Nano that she was given 6 weeks to live.  Part of me completing Nano that year was all about - if I had six weeks would I wallow or excel?

There was a time when she was my best friend. 
Oh the things we did...
Funny, funny things that had us laughing and laughing.

There was a time when she betrayed me and cost me my bookend among other family members. A time when I was left to deal with some pretty hefty matters on my own because she took my support structure from me.
We all do what we have to do.

I think I'm stronger because of her choices, though they still hurt.

May you find peace.
May you find the heaven you think is there.
When you see my brother thank him for being there for me.
Tell him that I still need my bookend.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Going into week two...

Do you know where your resolutions are?

Mine were simple.
1)  Find a new healthy recipee a week.  I didn't specify that I had to cook it.  An unintentional oversight on my part, one that might help me keep this resolution ;)

This week I made Wild Black Bean Caribbean Chili.  I was going to take pictures and be all wonderful bloggy about it.  I forgot.  Maybe next recipe.

Had all the usual you expect with Chili but it also included orange juice and zest and lime juice and zest.

I thought the beans could have been a tad more cooked but DH said he enjoyed it.

2) Exercise 5 times a week
I broke out the Gazelle and started small - 15 minutes. Since Jess and I decided to hibernate the last week of Nano and I've done nothing but walk Chester.

This year I'm just keeping it simple and so far so good, except for the whole exercise thing.  I have not been feeling well and so this week I'm a slacker.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello? Anyone there? Anyone?

Sooo I left early to stop by the Smiths on 4100, it is the only Smiths where I've found the Chicken strips with the glucosamine for Chester's achy hips. 

While there I thought - I bet I can get some of the things I need here for less expensive than Harmon's.  It is where I normally shop because their produce is awesome and a large portion of my grocery list is produce. Sure enough the dried beans were less expensive - they had a sale on the salad dressing I like etc.

I go to check out and not a human cashier to be found - only self check out. This is why I stopped shopping at Albertson's. It was almost 8 in the morning I think that there could be a live body.  Just one would be nice. 

There was no way I was going to walk away from Chester's treats and so I start the self check out process. Get to the end and it says "The attendant has been notified to help you."   

No attendant arrives - there are two humans quibbling over something and they LOOK like they should be offering assistance, but they are not.

I notice the attendant will help you button has gone off and so I punch it again. The two quit quibbling and someone goes up to them and THEY get helped. I'm standing there all, "Really?!!"  

I hit the stupid attendant button again and begin the "I am really annoyed look". Knowing they can feel my ire seething at them from across the way. 

Finally an exasperated 'helper' flounces over - punches a couple of buttons, swipes my card and stalks off. 

I said, "It is still NOT reading my card." 

She storms back over punches some buttons and magical, magical the card is now accepted. 

I would like to say that life was good but I was still annoyed.  

A customer left before me and the quibbling man said to them, "Have a nice day." 

As I left he kept his head down and continued to not acknowledge my presence. 

It was probably for the best.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy January 2

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve.
Well - I thought I'd scheduled it to post on January 1.