Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Got down to the last day before Nano ends and the story I SHOULD have been writing FINALLY comes to me.

I got caught up in the discovery process and was trying to force what I THOUGHT the story should be, not writing what the story was.  Finally on Sunday night I asked my freaking MC what SHE thought and she flat out told me that I had it all wrong. "It's not in the cards, it's in me," was all she would say.

Well, I had KNOWN that all along, but I kept focusing on the cards.  I spent a lot of time on the freaking cards I was going to use them damn it!! Oh, they are still a part, but only a small part and because I am not focusing on them I was able to focus on other things, other beginnings and finally last night the story began to flow.  If it were not month end I would have called in sick.

The excitment I use to feel for Nano returned. I suddenly was looking at where I stood in the word war and wanted to do better.  Everything that had always been Nano to me, came to me on the last freaking day.

What have I learned?  The discovery process was awesome, but for me I need to also include discovery writing and outlining while I'm in the process of discovering.  I put so much effort into the discovery process that I was unwilling to bend when I needed to bend.  I loved my 3D collage, my magical shelf, and all that I'd done so much I wasn't willing to throw it all away and start over.

When I finally let go what I discovered was that I didn't need to start over.  I just needed to stop being so rigid and trying to force the story into the mold I had determined for it.  All I can say is, YaY!!

Nano was a war this year, a war I won if you look at word count. But more importantly it was a learning experience that I hope I never forget.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I officially crossed over and became purple today on Nano.
On the Nano site the purple bar denotes that I made the 50K in word count.  It was like pulling teeth this year. A total struggle. But that is okay. It's good to fight for a story that has potential, even when that story keeps bitch slapping you.

"How DARE you write me as a Nano novel.  I've heard what drivel comes out of Nano," the story screamed at the author, shaking its type and threatening to delete the whole thing.

"But good things come out of Nano too.  Novels have been published that started out as a Nano. Won't you just work with me?" the author begged.

"Fine!  Here's your 50,000 words.  Now what do you intend to do with it?" The story asked. A tear slid down the monitor kind of freaking the author out.

"I have five days left of Nano.  I intend to start at the very beginning and finally write the story I wanted to write all along.  That is if you'll be so kind and allow this story to be written," the author replied.  "It will help SLC's word count in the word war.  You know that this year I have not been very helpful on that front."

When the novel didn't respond the author decided that it had acquiesced by its silence and wandered off to a clean white screen where she could begin a new.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perfect for a Winter Day

Awesome Time Waster.

I'm just having one of those...

Days, lives, November's... fill in the blank.

0 words in 1 minutes... not sure how that happened exactly but it was so awesome I had to post it.

"What you been doing Jude?"
"I've been doing 0 words in 1 minutes.  What you been doing?"

Okay off to write.
= )

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Windows, Halloween & Banana Phone

The boys got my new windows in, and of course nothing is every easy on this house.
But they are great kids and gave up an entire Sunday to make these bad boys work.
Yep, I said an ENTIRE Sunday...told you nothing is every easy on this house.

Yea I know it's almost Thanksgiving, but here is Jess' Halloween photo.  
Arrrgh, but she be a cute pirate.

And last but not least the freaking Banana Phone song.
This song was one of the 'tormentations' on Write or Die.
I couldn't get it out of my head and I couldn't stop singing it.

Imagine being a boss walking up behind an employee hearing her singing and bouncing around in her chair dancing to THIS song.
(Of course given the characters at my work... I'm the NORMAL one.  Be afraid, be very afraid. ;)

Friday, November 19, 2010

She Did It!!

Jess fought for and won the job she's been longing to have.
That girl is amazing, without doubt.

Stavo decorated the house and as she walked though the door confetti poppers filled the air with streamers.

Of course no celebration would be complete without flowers, sparkling cider and chocolate.

This is totally awesome.
You go Jess!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What the ???

I don't know what happened earlier this week, but it was as if the whole universe exploded into a mash of needy chaos.  It was nuts.  It made me nuts.  Things seemed to have sorted themselves out...thank you Jebus...but it was really crazy and really intense for a few days.

Nano is sucking this year.
No, I am sucking at Nano this year.
I came into it with lovely pictures, a wonderful 3-D collage and that was about it.
The Discovery process.
In some ways it has helped.  The lovely pictures keep me going.
In some ways it has been a pain in my backside. I had no outline and am still wobbling about for a plot.  I think I have it and then it disappears.

I think that I just need to take a day.  Throw together a hasty outline and start the freak over.  I can mash the word count together at the end of Nano,but for now, every time I open the document I just feel like TOTAL failure.

I'll ponder what will be best to do.

Mostly, I just needed to post something and I figured why not whine ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Dear Spirits

In the process of using Write or Die to bolster my word count I set it on 1,500 words for 30 minutes.  I've proven that I can do that.

Then I wanted to beat my old record and I knew I needed at least 1,700.  I saw the possibility for 1,800 words and I went for it.  The problem was at the end I got stress and tightened up and couldn't think and I couldn't type. When I saw what I'd written it sounded like my story was Meg Ryan at the restaurant when she faked an orgasm. I was trying to think what to write and it came out Oh, oh, oh, oh, I, I, I, Oh, oh, oh.

I laughed so hard I cried.

Hey, all words count in Nano.

And for the record it was 30 minutes, not 31. I hit 1,800 words and tried to stop the clock. I couldn't find the freaking mouse to click on DONE before it rolled to the 31.  I wasn't typing, I was looking for the mouse.  YES, it was right there on the desk, but the pointer thingy wasn't playing nice.  HONEST!!

Do you realize that it is only 60 wpm.
My mother could type over 100 wpm on a MANUAL typewriter.
I bet she's up there thinking I'm a dorf for being all proud of 1,800 words.
Of course it is not just typing copy, but thinking it up as you go along.

Wow, now that I know I could maybe type faster, this is awesome.
Next time Bob is not allowed to sit on my arm as I type, that will help.
I'm so freaking competitive during Nano.  It's disgusting.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Write or Die

My new best friend.

It MAKES you type fast or the screen turns colors.  The first of which is PINK! Gods no!! Not pink!!

I guess it can also make sounds, a baby crying and what not.  I will have to play further with this wonderful invention.

Back to Nano.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm baaack

At least I think I am.

I has no fever.  I can breathe. Most importantly my mind seems to be working.
I tried to write yesterday, but nothing came.  I even considered quiting Nano.  For reals, it was that bad.

This morning I woke up and actually felt like waking up and not crawling back under the covers.  While walking the dog all kinds of potential for my story began to open up.  I got home plunked my arse in my chair and wrote almost 3,500 words.  Then I e-mailed Doug and now I'm blogging and I STILL have ten minutes before the girl gets up and we exercise.

Praise Jebus.  I think I could have taken being sick, but having no desire whatsoever to write, we are talking zero desire, that was hell right there, or at least one of the seven levels.  A pretty bad one if you ask me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Word Wars

Word war I have joined
I am sick and do not care.
Word count abysmal

Needed to post something why not a Haiku


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Some days are just kind of like that... I think today might be one of them.

Day Two - She got sick

Day One of Nano went well.  I woke up at 12:20 am and thought of getting out of bed and writing, but my gut froze. I lay there for three hours before getting the party started.  ahaha this does not bode well for this year. However, I did make my word count plus a few 2,057.

Day Two
What I thought were allergies turned into a full blown sore throat and snoggely cold. Or the snoggely cold is still the allergies and the sore throat is just a bonus feature. I now suspect cold more than allergies as I am also freezing and can't get enough layers on to warm my bones.  I would turn on the furnace, but it is still broken.
I know, I AM a major wha baby today, just back off about it or I'll sneeze on you.
Just say'n.

I made word count by two words.  It took a little fourth wall breakage to get there, but hey, a girl's gotta do...

While walking the dog this morning I saw something that totally shocked me.  One of the houses in our neighborhood has their Christmas tree up and proudly displayed in their bay window. WHAT? It is November 2. They must do the 54 days of Christmas.  I'm thinking these people even beat WalMart with the Christmas displays.