Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm early... WooT! WooT!!

I'm not done ahaha but I'm done.  50,493 was the official count.  They always give me a few more words than my word counter and that's just fine with me.

What I realized last week some time was that this Nano I actually had two books of a trilogy.  That's okay - Fantasy seems to come in trilogy's.  I'm okay with that.

I'm gonna chop my Nano into two and revise book 1 and 2.  Next Nano if all goes well I'll finish book 3.

I was thinking that there should be 4 books and hit the elements.

Whispers in the North.
Something from the East, West and South.. but ....  ahahaha  I am at least done with Nano.  I must admit to some shameless word padding to get me to this point.  But only in the last day or so.  I am ready to run with the new break down and felt Nano was holding me back.  So I worked on Book One and put THE END in its proper spot and magical, magical I was done.

I have not slept well for days, with some days having no sleep at all and so am a bit incoherent at this point. (Insomnia doesn't hit me often, but when it does...ugh) I am so tired that I am ready to try and find LOL Dogs and yet, if they do exist would they be as funny as LOL Cats?  I am not certain.

ahahah  Okay I looked.  I said, "That's not funny!!!" and then I thought, "But that's so Julie."
I an assured that no cat was harmed in the blah, blah... For you Julie... enjoy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Closing in on the Red Bar of Doom...

But it is taking a toll on me.

Sorry to be ignoring everyone.  
I'll be back come December 1...
Or perhaps December 2. 

I know, I know... ANOTHER CAT!!
At least this one isn't freaky. Well, at least it isn't freaky to me.

See ya all in another week.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dad'burn Gombu!!

I am grateful that I had a three day weekend in which to rest, take drugs and basically drool on myself.  It was about all I was good for.  But I am feeling not only better, I have my spunk back.  Over the last few days I've had moments were I felt 'better' but when the option was between computer or bed.  Bed won, hands down.

As for the Red Bar of Doom
(The word count you should be at for the day)

Meet my Red Bar of Doom Kitty -  The picture of this cat has been with me since the first Nano representing the Red Bar of Doom and the fact that it was nearly nipping at my heels. 

However, this Nano the cat seems to be depicting-- if I open my eyes wide enough and look to the distant horizon I might just be able to catch a glimpse of the Red Bar of Doom.

I say to the Red Bar of Doom, "Whatever!  The month is young and I've kept every pom pom waive and cheer given to me and they will see me through. HA!  Take that, Red Bar of Doom!!"

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishing Day Challenge

It's going on six in the morning right now.  I will exercise with my daughter and then begin the challenge. When you think about it, it is really a crazy challenge, so I suppose one should not think, just write.

The challenge is to write 11,111 words on 11/11/11 - and since it is wishing day, you get bonus points for adding a wish.

In the past I've been able to do these crazy things.  I've done 10,000 in a day before.  Once I took a day off work and I wrote 25,000 words to help give SLC an edge in the word war, I think I did it in 18 hours. So I know I have it in me.  Just need to buckle down and 'get 'er done'.

I'll drop in throughout the day and update it. 

Beginning word count:  13,127 - 6:00 AM
                                   15,538 - 9:30 AM - 
                                   Slow start but there was exercising and breakfast in here too.
oh dear, sickness got me.  Fell asleep and word count suffered.
I'll work on 11,111 for the weekend?
Back to sleep now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not a good time to get sick.

I have spent the last couple of days freezing to death or sleeping. Yesterday  I went in to work to get a Rush PR out.  I was just going to go in, get it typed, and go home, but you know how that goes.  Four hours later I finally made good my escape.   I was so cold I cut the fingers out of my gloves so I could wear them. 

Needless to say -- I've fallen behind on my word count.  But it will be good incentive to get caught up this weekend.  And even better incentive to do the 11/11/11 challenge. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nano Day 6

On the surface of things it looks as if I've only written about 4,000 words in the last few day.  Not so, I started over, discarding all words prior to Saturday 6,099.
No worries, they are tucked safely away if I need a net. ;)

I convinced a friend to do Nano with me and I decided that I should zero out my word count as a show of support for her starting on Friday, four days behind.  But then I run into the competitive me that doesn't want to fall behind and so... two days and 10,057 words later, I'm right where I should be.

I realize that a lot of Nanoer's do that amount all the time. Later in the month I am generally up to speed, but not by the first weekend.  While it is true we got and extra hour's sleep, that got used up by someone texting me at 10:30 at night to find out if I had a book they could borrow.

Really?  Then the cat went on a rampage because we are denying him the food that makes him sick.  Truly - the cat is pissed and is showing us in ways that only a cat can that he is not happy.  However, his wails of, "But I want to throw up" go unheeded. 

So long story longer, I was pleased that my sleep deprived brain managed it. 
YaY Brain. 
Psst, Brain -- get ready for Friday when you do more than that in one day.  hehehe

The saying goes, 'you've got to give to receive'. 
I gave up 6,000 words but what I got was my story.  I kid you not.  Those words were but a false start and by giving them up, on Saturday when I started with a clean slate... the story flowed. 

**Thank you Universe -- I am grateful for finally finding my story - I feel compelled to alert you to the fact that I'm hanging on to the words, 'cause ya never know.  All words count in Nano and I may or may not choose to use them.  ;)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nano- Day 3

Things are going much better.  I am pleased with how the story is progressing.

Word count:  6099

It was a crazy day and I haven't made my blog rounds - I'll work on catching up tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Learn something new every day...

ahaha I'm still blogging every day... guess it is a habit.

I was looking for SLC vs Elsewhere - a yearly competition that I enjoy. 

I did find a challenge for 11/11/11 They called it 'Wishing Day".
I got curious and come to find out that the 'best time' for wishing is 11:11.  That's kind of cool as I see 11:11 on the time clock at work all the time.  Not sure why I notice that, but I did, so cool.  Now I know to make a wish.  It will be the same wish that I throw at every falling star.  (Meteor-ahaha love you Doug) 

So on 11/11/11 the challenge will be to write 111,111 words.  If you can throw a wish into your story you get bonus points.  Major Awesome!!

Update on the story.
I am happier with what I wrote today - it is still - bunk, but there are nuggets I can work with and I can see how this will move into a real story.  I'm down with that, the story wasn't presenting itself to me and so I'm flying without a parachute.  It's okay.  It's Nano, this is to be expected.

I kept the crap words from yesterday - this is permissible in Nano. Added today's and I am at 4,397.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNo - Day 1

If day one is any indication -- we are in for a long and bumpy November.

I broke the fourth wall before I'd even written 1000 words. Okay, well it kind of needed to be said, but ya know, the fourth wall already? What was worse was what I said right before the 4th wall breakage.

Theodore sniffed and said, “I sensed a disturbance in the force.”
Ahahahahah you did NOT just say that. Less than a thousand words and fourth wall breakage already. Lord, this is going to be an interesting Nano.

This is day one there is no excuse.

To make matters worse I was at work and I realized that I left my MC darning socks. My MC is a Sorceress so powerful that her family has been in charge of guarding the portal for thousands of years. I'm thinking that there has got to be something more intriguing out there for her to do - but nope, she's darning her socks.

Once again - Day one. No Excuse.

I'm trying very hard to shake off this lack luster beginning and not delete - it is 1,693 words after all. Since I am at word count for today maybe I will do a little no, no and go fix the mess.

What's the worst that could happen?
I could hurl all over my keyboard rendering it useless - that would be bad.
After re-reading the drivel I could totally give up - that too would be bad.

I could fix it, forgive myself, maybe even gain a few more words.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Happy Nano Everyone!!

But before it begins here are the best moments from last night.

To a young boy in a Scream mask I say, "Take a fist full, we have plenty."
He Rocky punches the air and yells to his father, "I got a fist full!!"

A little princess stands at the door in her lovely pinkness, she reaches in daintily to pluck one candy from the bucket.  I say, "Take a fist full."  Dainty hand turns into a claw scooping out a bunch of candy, she deposits it in her bucket, smiles and walks prettily out to her waiting parents.

It was a fun night.