Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can you see me now??

Have you ever had one of those days when you begin to wonder if you are invisible?

It starts out with little things.  A car backs out right in front of you.  Another car attempts to take up the space you are currently occupying forcing you to break hard or crash.  Yet another car turns left in front of you and you are already in the intersection.
Lights are on. I dunno. Just one of those days I suppose.

Your co-worker doesn't say hi or speak to you at all.  For the ENTIRE day. 

Well, okay Miss Grouchy Pants.  It's a Monday, but still no excuse.

On the way back from the little cowgirl's room two people are taking up the whole hall and walking towards you.  The one that is about to crash into you is intent in the conversation forcing you to walk backwards or be mowed down.  When she realizes that there is an impediment to her current route she doesn't say "Sorry" or "Oops" or "WTF" or anything.  Her eyes glide over you and she keeps walking.

"Hello? Can you see me now?"  I want to raise my middle finger but refrain. ;)

You go  into the market to get dinner the bag boy flings his arm out as if to signal a left hand turn and had you not backed up he would have knocked you to the floor.  Dude barely misses you and yet again, not an oops or sorry or any acknowledgement that you are there.

It' started to seem as if I had a little Sixth Sense action going on. 
I was tempted to run to a cashier and ask, "Do you see dead people?" 

At the store I look up and see Stavo -  He saw me.  I do exist, I do, I do, I do.

Strange freaking day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Walk

My walk with Chester in the mornings is out the front door and we wander to wherever we end up and then we come home.   When the kids take Chester for a walk it always begins in the car and they go some place fun like Memory Grove, City Creek Canyon or Olympus Park. 

Today I tagged along as we went to Olympus Park. It is an awesome park that has paved trails that cover a vast amount of acreage.  At some point I did actually see something that looked like a park, but mostly it was just trails.  Stavo says in the summer there are all kinds of trails to veer off the main path and explore.

It is way up on the east side of the valley where the recent storms have left snow. 

The trail was a bit icy but we all survived with out a fall.

Taking a breather on the way to the top of the hill.

Water break.

And a good time was had by all.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Isn't he cute??

My sweetie loves the sea and sailing.  When he's landlocked during the winter he teaches high school physics by day and classes for Bonneville School of Sailing in his 'spare' time. 

I had the opportunity to attend one of his sailing classes.

I don't know what was more fun, listening to the people talk about him before class and before they knew I was his wife; or watching him teach.  He was so meant to be a teacher, he just shines.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


As I bid my son  farewell I saw the most awesome of sights...  "What is it?" I proclaimed.

An eagle had found its way to the top of the neighboring tree.
My son immediately wondered if I'd be hauled off for affronting our National Symbol
Not only is there a bunny living on its own near where the eagle resided.  I have a little black cat that's karma would be being eaten by a bird.  Just say'n.

Without doubt I'd defend these creatures.

What brought the eagle to our neighborhood I know naught.  He soon fled to easier prey as he could sense my willingness to do it harm should he venture forth to cause harm to a creature under my watch.

Still, it was a glorious sight!!

This is an awesome news story...

Don't mess with the Marines.  Hu Rah!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And I was a Bat Boy too...

This is a TMI moment... but well, here we go...

My dad introduced me to the Edgar Rice Borroughs - I love the martian series most of all -- I read and re-read it  more times than I can tell.

When I got my Kindle I went in search of the series.  As I am re-reading it I realize that it is where I get some of my strange phrasing from...I saw in it my love for DH, as he is my John Carter, the ever resourceful, ever intelligent, ever able to make the impossible happen.

How could you not love such a wizard?

I realized today that my dad gave me a gift -- we went from store, to store, to store finding these stories.  I ate them up and I believed in them....  Mars became my escape.

It wasn't until today that I realized that it was also my salvation.


My dad beat my mom, I was aware but....

When I found myself in a similar situation, acceptance at first because that's just life and then...
NO!! A resounding NO!!

I left and came home to a dad who gave me 3 days to get OUT!!
(Same dad who depended upon me until the end... different story ;)
He didn't understand how I could leave someone so much like him.

I love you dad.
I forgive you.  May you find peace.

The abusive father also gave me the nuts to survive.

I was a bat boy when girls didn't do such things.  He was the coach and I was his choice.

He also gave me the Martian Series.

When I first read it I saw myself as Dejah Thoris - the loved and protected.
But now I realize that I was John Carter too.

I fought my way back from a bad situation.  I did what needed to be done to survive and I am a warrior not a princess; but I am a princess too, thanks to DH... though he came back on the scene years upon years after I made my escape.

I left the known abuse and degradation behind and went forth into a world where I didn't know what would happen.  I took the leap of faith.  Lept off the edge and believed that all would be well.

As a girl bat boy...
The ump made my life hell... he thought he was being kind, or protective, or something... it was hell.
Some of them made me cower behind the dugout fence before I could run out and get the bat and helmet.  Some made me run behind the bleachers to give the helmet to the opposing team, while the male of the species could run a diagonal course across the field and have time to grab a drink or fries between innings.

John Carter gave me belief in the impossible.  Oh he fucked up, as we all do, but he always survived.

I survived. Wasn't pretty I am embarrassed to admit. But I did survive.

In the re-reading I see where I got the source of my gusto, my ability to laugh in the face of threat, of danger, of.... I see how I survived.

Dear Dad --
Thank you!!!

Dear Mom--
Next life, kick him in the balls... just say'n.

They are making a movie  John Carter and I can't wait to see it.
In this day and age I am sure Dejah Thoris is strong beyond belief. 
Women these days are strong.  I am certain I can let DH be my John Carter and I will be the strong Dejah Thoris... warrior princess? 

I found a clip, let's see what happens. ; )

Keeping in mind that Edgar Rice Burrows died before I was born...

It was a different world and yet I lived in a different wold.  His derring do was to me that which made wonderfulness.  I realize that todays sophisticated readers he might read as other, but his simplicity and love for his woman, his desire... they made me what I am today. 

A story I wrote, long, long ago... The Card

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012


This is painful to look at.  Both the kid and the cat seem tortured. ;) 

Let me dedicate this photo.
For Julie who had to endure cats yesterday -- more cats, but in a format you may appreciate. ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Large Screen TV

Ah, the life of a cat.  Lay around all day watching the live action large screen kitty TV.

It has Penny Kids in it so even Julie should be able to stomach this picture!! ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DITKA and Damn you auto correct

Taking a break I checked out Damn You Auto Correct.
If I'm going to read stuff like this I am going to need a splash guard for my computer screen.

I think a DITKA might be a sweater? 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Far, So Good...

Week One
Running - I fulfilled everything on the list.  Including the 1 mile 'run'. I went the distance and ran more than walked.  Works for me.

Weigh Less:  I keep calling it weight loss and I'm of the opinion that the very words are the reason I keep finding the damn weight again.  Weight Loss sounds like something I've lost and might want back.  No, no, no, no, no.  In my attempt to 'weigh less' I am down 3 pounds.  That's normal for me in the first week the other pounds take more effort.

Writing:  eh --I wanted to be a bit further along than I am, but I still have today. 

In fact I should probably report on Monday, but I know I have time on Sunday's so that's when I'll let you know how it goes... I'm assuming you are interested???  Maybe not, but you can skip over that part.  It is good for me to be accountable if only to myself.

This is getting to be less of an OMG moment as I am doing it a bit more regularly.

I made meatloaf

This is Stavo's family recipe and it takes two people to make it.
One to put the ingredients in and one to squish.
I was the squisher.

Near as I can figure it goes like this:

Two pounds of hamburger - I wanted to substitute half with ground turkey, but the look I got convinced me that treading upon Stavo's family tradition was verboten.  Got it.  Two pounds of hamburger.

In a large mixing bowl add the hamburger, two eggs and a cup of oats.
When Stavo and Jess are pleased with the squishingness

Add What's this here sauce (Worcester) 1/4 cup?
keeping in mind this is all really eyeballed.
Minced Garlic - a glob
Onion powder - more than you'd think you'd be adding
Ketchup - 1/2 cup
Heinz 57  - 1/2 cup
Squish, squish, squish until Stavo and Jess are satisfied.

Make a loaf looking thing and put in the chicken roaster pan (not sure that a chicken has ever been roasted in that pan but it is the only way I know to describe it.)

Poke three holes in the loaf like thing - fill holes with ketchup and Heinz 57.

Then drizzle (pastry fashion) ketchup and Heinz across the loaf.

Be sure to get the ends.... this is apparently VERY important as I didn't do it at first and was reprimanded.

Add red potatoes and carrots.  We just filled the remaining space.  Slapped on the lid and...

Bake 1 hour per pound  (gotta say ingredients say two pounds of meat would it not stand to reason to say cook two hours???) 

Bake at 1 hour per pound and if you want it crispy add a 1/2 hour.

2.5 hours got it!!

All in all it was good.  It certainly wasn't my mother's meatloaf.  Was very please it wasn't my mother's meatloaf.  Doug seemed happy and really that's all that matters to me.

I should probably add 'Cook Something' to my list of goals, but for now I prefer to let it come upon me... I get this feeling that maybe I could do it... and then I do.    If it was a goal I think the pressure would get to me. Cooking is such a struggle for me... I do enjoy trying to cook for Doug, but don't tell him I said this. ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm not a resolution kind of gal, but I do like goals and I did set a few goals for myself to achieve during the upcoming year.  Well, technically during the upcoming six months.

My writing goal is a  bit daunting but doable.
I want to finish my Nano novel and have a book made.  One of the winner's perks.
Problem is I realized that I had a trilogy (good for fantasy) in the making and so I am basically starting from scratch for the first book.  I am taking January and part of February to get it 'really' written and then of course  the 'drawer' period, followed by the edit period, followed by the....  A challenge, but doable.  I have until June 30 to submit and have the book printed.

Heath wise...
Always with the lose weight.... I did lose 35 pounds last year.... I, um, let 10 of those pounds creep back on, so technically 25 pounds.... but I'm okay with that.  I chose to take 'time off' and for once in my life I didn't gain it all back PLUS some friends.  I look forward to another year of weight loss

This is my most challenging goal:
I want to run a 5K - keeping in mind at all time that run = what I call 'shamble', but if I can run, I'll be happy with that too.  I used to run.  Loved running.  Ran a marathon, ran numerous 50 mile series, lots of little races... running was always slow, back of the pack stuff, but I loved it.

One year while skiing I took a tumble and I destroyed my knee.
It has been years upon years but  I think my knee is ready.  I can now walk Chester up and down hills that a few years ago I couldn't have managed.  I simply stayed at the top of the hill and Chester could only go as far as the leash allowed.  Times they are a changing.  Walking Chester daily has been my saving grace. 

I found a Couch to 5K outline for making this goal work.
The timing was right for the 5K run in conjunction with the SLC Marathon.
On Tuesday when it was my first run day (run for 10-15 min.) ahahahaha
I told Chester 'RUN' and he remembered RUN from the summer sprinkler time when we haul ass to get out of the waters way.

Tuesday was hilarious to watch us try to work it out.

Thursday was another run day and we did a good job and I even had times when I ran and didn't shamble.  Tomorrow is a 'run a mile'
Well, I anticipate mostly shambling, but that's okay... It's going the distance that matters.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Rang in the new year and I was even awake to see it.  I'm not a night person and I generally sleep through the occasion. 

Last night we celebrated with a hot tub, wine, sushi, candles - not necessarily in that order.  Welcome 2012 and now the count down to Mayan-gedon.

Being married to someone who LOVES photography made me really appreciate this next little thing I found.

In 1885, nineteen-year-old Wilson A. Bentley took his first successful photomicrograph of a snow crystal. He went on to capture over 5000 such images before he died on Dec. 23, 1931, after walking six miles in a blizzard in order to photograph more snowflakes.

I'm known for saying, "I HATE SNOW",  and yet to see the complex beauty of a snowflake, it's hard to remember why I detest the stuff... Oh wait I recall -- It brings its friends.  But it is still beautiful.  I will give it that.