Friday, August 31, 2012

First Impressions Matter

The building where I work has multiple businesses. One day as I was leaving my office some guy in the hallway hollers, "I REEK...with success." He was trying to motivate fellow workers perhaps? Now every time I see him in the hall way I think, "That's the guy that reeks." First impressions matter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maybe it skips a generation...

Walking Chester this morning I realized that both Jake and Jess bought homes on a corner lot. Did they learn nothing from shoveling all that snow off Papa's walks? I know I did. Just a random thought, hadn't posted for a few days -- soooo there you have it.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Not yet.  Not now.

In the spirit of threes...

A clerk said something about being old, she younger than I. 

DH mentioned anyone over 30 was old (Adman will be pleased to know)

And I just watched the new version of True Grit.  I saw the old one with John Wayne in Jr. High. I said goodbye to Dale Hooten that day, his family moved.  I was so crushing on him.  {{shakes head}}

Anyway, the line from the new True Grit by Rooster Cogburn.  "I've grown old."

He WAS old. 

It is that moment when you accept that you ARE old.

Not yet.  Not now.

Eye R still spring chicken.
{{nods knowingly and asks you to see the same}}

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My bad, bad boy

DH's school page

I got to help him in his 'production' on one of his extra credit clips.
You might have to go to Physics of Every Day Life.  Or perhaps scroll down?
Not sure whet I've done.  I'm working on it.  (I think it works now, but just in case...)

Such a bad boy pulling his card out slowly, when it clearly states 'quickly'.

He is such a good teacher.  I know that for him this is 'retirement'.  He earns his summers on the sea because he spends 18 hours a day educating his students.  If he's not in class, he grading.  If he's not grading he's coming up with things to grab their interest.  When he's not doing that he's an advisor for after school activities.  For nine months the man does not stop.  He is such a wonderful teacher.  I am glad that when he 'retired' from the work a day world he chose to enlighten the yung'uns.

Why yes, yes, I am quite proud.  Why do you ask?

Friday, August 24, 2012

This is a rant

What a rant is exactly, I do not know.  I just know I am having one.

The kids moved out and with it cable.  I have a few programs I recorded that I wanted to see Frozen Planet was one.

They are tracking the polar bear to.... do the thing they do.

They subduded this polar bear with a dart.  Did their thing with it and then  let it loose.
Is this not date rape???? or something similar?

The dude sat and petted the polar bear. 
The polar bear wanted your stink all over it because you are on TV?  Really?


I have angst. 

This is funny because Adam read the whole Hungar Game Series becaused I said something about the f'n cat in the movie being totally wrong.  Jake laughed at hin and said, "mom, animals"  Hello?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Never be afraid to speak your mind.

Well, maybe sometimes... like stuff I said to my boss that made me think he'd fire me.  It was true. But his perspective wasn't mine, but  anyway...

There are just times when things need to be said.
I work in a building that houses several companies and I am on a "Hi" and I know your name with a few of them. 

One of them is Whitney.
I've seen her from my desk and wondered what plan she was on, that woman was losing weight.  I was envious.  But I hadn't been in a position to say hi, until today. We met in the bathroom, she applying make-up, or talking to herself, or what ever one does when they are deeply absorbed with themselves in the mirror.

I said "Hi," and headed for the stall. 
I stopped and asked, "Have you been losing like a TON of weight?"
She squealed and hugged me.
She squealed and told me that she's been trying but was in a beat herself up mode. 
She has a vaca with the sibs in November and the sibs are all thin and beautiful. 
Given her reaction, I think I caught her mid "I suck" speech in the mirror.  I've had them myself and totally understand.

She hugged me again while telling me about the sibs and the lack of fat and....
She squealed and hugged me again, telling me that I had made her life time.

She would have hugged me again had I not already shut the stall door.

Right place. Right time. Right words.

Happy to be of service!

I am soooo very happy that the buzz in my head to tell her what I thought yielded fruit.  She needed and I was there for her.  I really, really like that.  It would have been so easy to just shut the stall door and not say what I was thinking. 

I made some one's lifetime. 
Sometimes it is good to speak your mind.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I cooked and...

I haven't died. Yet.

When I am being 'good' I am a low carb gal. It is what works for me. Trouble is that eating low carb can be a huge rut, and willingly throwing yourself into that rut can be difficult. So I am trying something different.

Generally I don't eat cooked vegetables when I am being 'good' as it increases their carb content. But lets throw caution to the wind and try something new, I say. At the end of the week if I've not lost anything maybe diving head first into that rut will seem appealing.

I made zucchini noodles with a marinara/turkey sauce. I bought a jar of marinara. It took a long time reading labels, but I found one with no sugar and just real ingredients (ie words that looked like they belonged in the English language) It was even on sale. ahahahaha 'score!!'

I browned ground turkey, added the marinara sauce and added a few ingredients from the cupboard... Italian looking stuff that the kids left behind. Then I let it simmer down.

For the noodles I took a zucchini (two actually) and used a peeler to make 'noodles'.
Hint: Don't try to go from a standing start. Lay that bad boy on its side and it works much better.

I then steamed my 'noodles' for 3 min. (roughly) Plated the noodles, and spooned the sauce 'mixture' over the top. It was very delicious. IMHO

I think the 'noodles' cool faster than regular noodles, but all in all, I would say it was a success. Might even try it out on DH. Providing of course I don't keel over in the night.

This zucchini as noodles is a wonderful invention.  In the future I think I'd let the noodles drain over the still steaming water to keep them hot and yet 'drain' them.  Will this work?  I dunno, I'm not a cook but it makes sense and is worth a try.

Utah saying:  "If you have to buy zucchini and you live in Utah - you don't have any friends."
Hey - I have friends, just not the kind that grow their own veggies and stuff.  **Sulks** - **Sniffs** and confesses to purchasing the zucchini. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crazy things I've heard...

"Well, in this business if you aren't hit in the head with a baseball bat, you are doing it wrong."

I was on the way to the head.

I said, "I NEVER want your job."
They laughed.

"Can we get the garlic mom?  It will keep the vampires away."

I didn't comment.  Given the coloring and look of the kids I assumed a sleepover and didn't want to make it worse.

It seems that there was another thing, but I'll be damned if I can remember.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The roles we play...

It has been a crazy summer for me.  The Lady of Lightning struck close, disrupting everything and making me find old ways, new ways and other ways, to deal.

Today I was stung twice and saw three crows/ravens/big black birds that followed us and taunted the pup.  The birds causing my daughter to skitter through all kinds of contortions before corralling the pup.

Not sure what it all means: 

Bees are a long time symbol for accomplishing the impossible.

Ravens are messengers.

The pup just makes me crazy.  (Though he's getting bettsr ;)

It made me think about the roles we play.
After my mum died, I took on her role. I did that which my mother did and took care of my father until I eventually killed him.  (His decision - My action)  Love ya dad.

Prior to that I was Aunt Gay - the funny one.  Freaking hilarious.  The light of the party.  

But I am not any of those things any more. 

I began to realize it at Uncle Don's funeral when they looked to me to make the reunion happen.  That was a Scotty thing.  That's a roll I never took on. I've never tried to be my brother.  I delegated.  The reunion happened today and if I ever get a freaking cord... perhaps photos.

I am a sibling, I am Aunt and Terrific (Great) Aunt.  Not mum!!  I don't do all for everyone. 

The Lady of Lightening has struck.
My world has changed.

I think it is a good thing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Butt, why you wanna leave me?

The Lordling has left the Manor

The kids bought their puppy a home. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kate George

There are a few authors that I will purchase without question.

Robert Jordan. 

Terry Goodkind. 
Without doubt.

Stephen King.

Kate George. 

I love her books and she has new one coming out.

Check this out and if you are as impressed as I am. Contribute to the cause. Trust me it will be worth it!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

And a good time was had by all...

Except Mikey whose two and at two realized he 'had the power' and, well, did what two-year-old's do and ran the show. 

After I left the G-kids and two of the kids joined DH.
 I have photo's.  YaY!!!
Oh, I need to remember to tell DH to look for my camera cord.
DH side bin or second drawer in the Vberth. 
The moon and stars were awesome this morning and I didn't take a photo because, what's the point??? I need my cord!!!! 

 Okay - Lane's the tallest, excluding DH. Eve is in yellow and James looks none too happy, but he is the boy.
 Jumping off the back of the boat use to frighten me too.  Rumor has it the kids started jumping off the front of the boat.  I did the side once, but the front???
 Jamesie, finally happy- Mermaid beach.  Gotta love it.

Lane on the boat.  I love sailing and when the boat is heeled over. 

DH will be home soon.  Just needs to put the boat to bed for this year.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Joel Penderghast

For those who commented on my grief (grieving)  I thank you.  I am not going to respond because I read the comments yesterday, crawled back in bed and cried.  While that doesn't sound encouraging what is encouraging is this.

Joel Penderghast -

Antagonist, I think
Joel is his middle name.  He does not like his first name. 
However, I don't know what his first name is.

That's it.  That's all I've got.  Not even a face to put with the name. Not yet.

Scotty left me a message.  I begged it of him and yet I forgot to remember it.

"There is no point fighting against the challenges of life, or trying to avoid or deny them, They are there, and if the seed is to become the flower we must go through them.  Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be."

I thank you all for helping me to remember.  Once I did my brain started doing what it does.  Look for the story, find the wonder and just enjoy. I know that another wave will crash.  But for now the tide is out, the tidal pools are full of interesting thins and life doesn't seem like such a chore.

Question of the day:
What first name could Joel possibly have that he hates?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stinky Cat Food!!!

Julie tells me I need to grieve.

I want to say, "like Fried Mush" yeah!!

That is such a "Duh", that it should not need to be said and yet....
Even I forgetTHAT I am allowed to be sad. 
Stinky cat food sad. 
Chicken legs and fried mush kind of sad.
"How are you?"
"Well, I totally suck, sad."

At the store when the helpful employee ask me how I was doing I really wanted to say, "Stinky cat food and you?" 

I didn't as he was truly trying to be helpful and not just doing his job.

I am just mean these days.

I am sad and angry and nothing is right.
This isn't a boo hoo me or a suck it up you wha baby moment.
This just is.

Julie says that it is like waves crashing on the shore. You can almost hear them.
The fucking waves are trying to wash me out to sea.
Stupid Riptide!!!

I think I have it together, then I don't. 

Sea creatures skitter to avoid the crash of the wave and I seem to be facing it straight on dareing it to, to, to what?

I lost my freaking bookend.
Then I lost my niece and my uncle.  Scotty's wife can't be far behind.

Boiled Onions and Pineapple

Bloger so hated me that no matter how many times I tired to make it work it denied me.

But Blogger, I persist.  Watch me make you want to comply...

Boiled onions and pineapple"

No, it's not a new recipee. It is a blog that London Mable posted and that Kate commented on, on her blog.

Pick a food that you don't like to let people know you are having a bad day.

At first I couldn't think of a food I didn't like - sad but true.

 But then I remembered I don't like chicken on the bone, most especially thighs and legs.

"How are you doing?"
"Chicken legs."
Poor clerk looks down at her new jeggins, sniffs sharply and shorts me $5.00 for offending her.

Stinky cat food. Some cat food would make the worlds best diet aid. One wiff of the stuff and you can't eat for hours.

Fried mush. I hate fried mush. When we didn't eat all the oatmeal in the morning my mom would fry it up for dinner. We thought we were being punished. It was YEARS before we realized that it was a treat for my mom.

It was noted that some of the foods would make for good cus words. Blogger hates me today and has glumped the whole thing together (at least when I posted originally.)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I went to the Bahamas and all I got was

this crab picture.

Seriously.  And I only have this because DH sent it to me from his camera.  I don't know what happened to the little cord that hooks the camera to the computer.  It was in the little 'cord' bag when I went to the Bahamas and now it is gone.  Have I mentioned my life is in upheaval right now??

Well this little fella lives off a small island called Crab Cay - appropriately so, there were crabs every where.

Sooo I guess that's about it for the Bahamas.  I have a notebook full of stuff, but without the photos there's not a lot of point.  Suffice it to say that it was wonderful, totally awesome.  I slathered with SPF 50, wore a hat and still came home with a tan.

Would you like to hear of my return airport adventure? 

We are at Marsh Harbour and the plane is late.  FINALLY it gets there and they herd us onto the tarmac.  Except it isn't our plane - small detail there.  So now we are out of what little air conditioning we had and are standing about in the very humid hotness.  I for one was not shy and found a place to at least sit down.   About an hour later the real plane arrives and we are off to Florida where my three hour layover has been reduced to 40 minutes. 

Now I'm a nervous Nelly, but at least this year I have my cell phone so my daughter won't be circling the SLC airport at 2:00 am, phoning all the brothers frantically because her mommy is missing.  I'm just taking it in stride.  I slept on an airport floor last year (Denver) - it will be okay.

There was a dad with his family that was totally stressing out - I noticed that he was going to Houston too.  Some officious looking dude kept telling him that 40 minutes was enough to clear customs.  "It goes fast," he assures Concerned Dad.  Yeah - to perhaps clear customs, but then there is the whole find the place to recheck your bag and THEN go through security again process.  It did not look good.

I thought I'd just follow Concerned Dad as airports confuse me but I make it to bag re-check first. "How do I get to the United terminal," I inquire.  "Go out the door, turn left, you'll see orange cones, wait for a bus, get off at the first stop."  

Sounds simple enough but we waited and waited. The bus supposedly runs every 15 minutes.  It felt like an hour.  The bus finally showed up and then we were off for a tour of the airport?  No kidding I felt like we were driving in circles.   Get to the correct terminal, I verify the gate and we are rushing towards security.  Was it because I looked anxious or because TSA can't get enough of my naked body?  Yep.  Optional naked body scan was not a option.  You will step in here and you will like it!!

I escape the machine, grab my purse, don't bother putting on my shoes and RUN for my gate.  They are getting ready to shut the door on us - "There is a family behind me," I gasp.  Fat ladies should not run!!  But we made it.  The connection from Houston to SLC was easy and life was good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leave Taking

July 14 - I got to the SLC airport in plenty of time only to discover that the check in lines were not moving.  Eventually someone called "All going to Denver move to the front."  That only moved me one closer... but it did help me to get to my gate on time, just in time.  It started a theme for the trip.

Security was interesting.  "Only touch your own bins," the guard sternly commands.  Well, the dude in front of me left and his bin wasn't moving through... An impatient xray technician told me to 'PUSH IT THOUGH."  Well, okay, make up your mind.  I've seen the YouTube videos where people haven't complied and now you are giving me mixed signals.  Just say'n.

They got their revenge and I suddenly had to go through the naked body scan - there was a sign that said it was optional - it was no longer an option for me.  I had no time to argue so I let them disrobe me with their machine.

As I left the scanner the TSA agent wanted to see my wrist.  I complied, obvi - but WTF?

I had time at Denver to lay on its floor and wait (a common theme with me and Denver).  The plane was late in leaving, didn't make up time in the air and I thought that I'd missed my flight.  However, that plane was late too. "We won't start boarding until 5:30", an agent informed me. 

Awesome - I found a bathroom.  Came back only to hear my name on the loud speaker telling me if I intended to go to Marsh Harbour I'd better hustle my butt.  I have it on the best authority that I wasn't in the bathroom for 30 minutes.  But I hustled my bustle and made that flight.

DH was waiting for me at Marsh Harbour .  We had konk for dinner at Snappas.  Delish.  I was starved as I apparently slept through lunch.  It was a busy, crazy, frustrating day, but I made it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uncle Don

Okay - if any of the cuz are reading this, look away now... I'm about to dis you.  But you are not surprised by that.  After all. when we sang "I'm a child of god"  before we closed the casket you referenced this side of the family - when you said "hum along or not".  Grandma Morning and Mum made sure that we atented enough 'church' so I (we) at least knew that much.  But again, I say, look away.

Uncle Don's Funeral was without doubt a mormon funeral.  The obit said 'short' and I"m thinking it was a joke I didn't get. 'sall good.  There was much 'mormonising' and all that.  I know I am flip, my mom and grandma are 'turning' but whatcha gonna do.  I got enough of jebus to last me a life time.  The funeral itself was a blah, blah, blah fest for me but...

But the dedication of the grave site... was totally AWESOME!!!

Uncle Don was in the military... he followed in the footsteps of The Major.  My grandpa that died before I was born.  Mum always called him The Major, and so do I.  Uncle Don was given the full military rites at his grave site and it was so cool.

It looked like something from TV.  Military people so perfunctory.  There was a 21 gun salute. Taps was played.  Cuz that had followed in his footsteps and were military explained to those of us that weren't what was happening and why.  It was full of symbolism and ritual and I was in awe.

In the writing of this I wonder why the funeral itself, also full of symbolism and ritual, didn't touch me but the honor of being soldier did.  Something I'll have to ponder.

He was an awesome man and a really terrific uncle.  Even after mum died he never stopped being part of our lives.

I love you Uncle Don -- you rock.

PS.  Tell Jebus that that is a good thing!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Should be telling you...

'bout the bahamas...but I am not...

Death really needs to take a holliday.  At least it is three, right?

My Uncle Don died of complications due to kidney failure.  His funeral is tomorrow.

I have had enough of dead people this summer. Just say'n.

Bahamas eventually...just not now.