Thursday, January 10, 2013

Going into week two...

Do you know where your resolutions are?

Mine were simple.
1)  Find a new healthy recipee a week.  I didn't specify that I had to cook it.  An unintentional oversight on my part, one that might help me keep this resolution ;)

This week I made Wild Black Bean Caribbean Chili.  I was going to take pictures and be all wonderful bloggy about it.  I forgot.  Maybe next recipe.

Had all the usual you expect with Chili but it also included orange juice and zest and lime juice and zest.

I thought the beans could have been a tad more cooked but DH said he enjoyed it.

2) Exercise 5 times a week
I broke out the Gazelle and started small - 15 minutes. Since Jess and I decided to hibernate the last week of Nano and I've done nothing but walk Chester.

This year I'm just keeping it simple and so far so good, except for the whole exercise thing.  I have not been feeling well and so this week I'm a slacker.


  1. I didn't make any resolutions so, so far this year, I'm on track.

    1. I resolved to go to the pool 3x a week instead of 2. First week - check. This week 2 so far and I still have Friday or Saturday to go.
      I also resolved to get all the way through Allen Carr's book about weight loss. That is going very slowly.
      Sounds like you are making some progress.

    2. Those are good goals. XXXX crossing them for you!!

  2. No resolutions for me, so I'll just ride along on yours. Any recipe that includes limes is on my list of "yes, please."
    Also, uh, slacker? Are you, or are you NOT, out walking that beloved hound EVERY day?!
    That counts. So, count it.

    (Additional exercise, you say? Oh, well. I still don't consider you a slacker.)

    1. ahahaha my beloved hound... well, let's talk about 'sniffing' as an exercise and then I will consider it such.