Monday, July 7, 2014

I don't have blog brain anymore.

I guess that it is a good thing. It gives me more time to think about other things. It is just kind of weird.

Back when I blogged regularly there seemed no limit to the things that would jump out at me as blog worthy. Or as Julie would say "Blog Fodder".

Maybe in time it will return.
Or it won't.


  1. I stopped trying to blog on any kind of schedule. Now I just do it when the mood strikes me.

  2. Or, J3 and JQ, when the "fodder" appears?


  3. Ditto to JJJ's comment. Needed to prioritize some other things, plus my computer was crapitude. For awhile my brain still ran on the "Oh I could write something about that" track, but another part of my brain was all "Meh, why bother."