Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life without Bob

Or as I said it,  BAWB!

He was a trial. He started life under my house...the cover was faulty and his mom thought it was a good place to set up shop as it were.  She hadn't anticipated that I was just waiting for payday to fix the cover. We of course didn't know they were there.  I got a call at work one day and the kids told me that there was a bat under the house.  The lady across the street was the only one brave enough to go under the house and when she emerged she brought with her a wee kitty.

It's been years upon years that Bob has been with us.  He's a stubborn being who had his own opinion as to how things should be done and had no problem letting you know when you didn't do it his way. He had gotten old and frail.  Jumping didn't come as easy as it once did but he loved going out in the front yard. While I have cover for him in the front, I was concerned about the heat and he didn't always want to come in when it was time for me to go to work. I was worried that he could no longer jump the fence so Jake and I cut a hole in it.  Bob could have his independence and I didn't have to worry.

Once he discovered the missing board he rejoiced in the freedom to come and go at will. All day Sunday he was out and about.  He'd come home for a bit then be off again.

 After a day and a night of utter freedom it took its toll.  I can't help but feel that I am the cause of his demise. Had I not cut the hole in the fence he might still be with us.  And yet, perhaps it was just his time and for the last day of his life he was utterly happy.

You will be missed Bob.  


  1. Not your fault. Or rather, you gave him that opportunity, that freedom, one last time. Then, he was done. As we all will be some day.
    (who may not adore the non-dogs of the world, but who does understand loss)

  2. i gave it to my dad too. i hate being the Goddess of death,

  3. Maybe he was just waiting for his last Jaunt of Freedom. "Ah now I can go." RIP Bawb