Sunday, February 27, 2011


Star Trek 4 -  Scotty not understanding the technology of the time frame they were in ends up talking to the mouse.  "Computer..."

With my new phone I've had many, way too many "Computer..." moments.

My brother called.  It went to voice mail.  Somehow magical, magical, I was able to call him back.  His phone died while we were chatting.  He called me back and sad to say I didn't know how to pick up the call.

Over the weekend I told my kids I didn't know how to do this and they thought it was because the screen was locked and showed me how to unlock the screen.  Well, here I had an incoming call and unlocking the screen was NOT working.  I slid up the panel to unlock it and started saying "Hello?" Both Nan and Jamie were in stitches over my antics.  Eventually Jamie said, "Do you not have a send button?"

What the hell is a send button? 

Well, I had one and it worked.  I now know how to answer my phone.

But it doesn't stop there. Because my brother had left a message, the phone kept being 'musical'. I thought I was getting a text, but there was no text.  Nan kept beseeching me to SHUT IT UP.  I didn't know how.

I FINALLY ascertained that it was a voice mail.  But couldn't access the freaking voice mail because I couldn't enter my PIN.  JEBUS!!!!!

My daughter called me and I told her, "My phone won't stop talking to me."
She says, "What is it saying?"
I can see her thinking, "No mother, those are just the voices in your head."
She must have been thinking it too because when I explained that I meant it was the musical reminder that I should do something, she seemed relieved.

I did eventually get it figured out.  My daughter said, "I'm surprised that you didn't throw it out the window."
I said, "If I had known how to get the sim card out it would be gone."

Having said all this.  I do love my new phone, though I apparently still send illegible texts.  Damn!!


  1. I don't know if yours is an iPhone, but I know that a lot of the time with iPhones, the auto-correct function makes people send texts that have heaps of spelling errors. I got an email of funny misspellings people had sent, apparently it's really frustrating. And it happens on iPhones when people are surfing the internet with them too.

    I don't have an iPhone, and don't want one :P

  2. It's not an iphone. It's just me. It has a keyboard and so I have no excuse. *hangs head and sighs* But it is better than my old phone. I had the predictive text and I was always sending the stragest messages. My friends tease me about having to decipher everything I wrote.