Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marcus Welby - NOT!!

On Sunday night breathing became difficult.  It was as if I had glass shards in my lung.  It was on the left side so thoughts of an emergency room visit flooded my brain.  But it didn't feel like a heart attack, it felt like my lung.  So I tossed and turned all night in pain getting minimal sleep.

I arrived for my appointment and the nurse did all the nurse things and listened to my description of 'glass shards in my lungs when I try to breathe'.  She immediately hooked me up to an EKG machine to see if it was my heart.

Nope, not a heart attack.  Everything is A-okay with my heart.  Good BP, good rate, good everything.  Nope, not the heart.  I could have told them that!!  But I have to let them do their job.

When the doctor finally came into the room he sits in front of the computer and asks me some questions and I am answering. He's getting frustrated, "They have the wrong template.  This one is for RESPIRATORY."
"Gosh, sorry Doc.  I must have let them astray when I called in and told them I was having pain BREATHING," I say sarcastically. 

He seemed lost without the correct template.  I wanted to scream, but the sharp intake of breath with the accompanying pain was not worth the effort and so I thought to myself instead:  Dude, step away from that computer. Use that decorative item that is draped around your neck, get your ass over here and listen to my FREAKING lungs."

He did eventually come over and do "doctorly things." 

I still have him stumped.  ahahaha

This is what I learned from the $25.00 co-pay
1.  My heart is sound. 
2. My lungs are good too.
3. I finally understand all those times my dad drove me crazy when the doctors did not do things in the way he expected   When you are expecting Dr. Welby and a hands on approach:  Let me listen to what your body is telling me and you get technology geek: Damn, I have the wrong template, it is NOT good. 

By the end of the appointment I would have been happy to have that grumpy gimp House for my doctor.


  1. Yikes, he sounds like the lady doc (who is really a nurse practitioner) I have. Idiots, all of them, I am convinced. Good luck finding one that will listen, they are out there (probably).

  2. Thanks! I don't care for doctors or mechanics. I don't even like dentists, but I love my dentist, as he's my brother. Well he WAS my dentist until my insurance changed =..(

    O whoa is me.
    = )