Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I won NaNo! Yay!

And one would think that would be enough.
But you'd be wrong.

Now I have to win Savvy Nano too?
It is the universe I unwittingly jumped into.
"In for a penny, in for a pound."

All righty then.

Off I am to sprint, write crazy word totals, meet challenges and continue to shout out on tweeter.

Three more days.  My team has been rocking it and we've been in the top three for the most part.  That is worth the final push, right?

My Nano competitiveness demands that I give all.
It is a team effort after all.
Can't just cozy up and bask in your winning.


  1. What's Savvy NaNo? :P

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Love that winning feeling! :)

  2. congratulations on the nano - good luck on the savvy

  3. It is a writing group that I joined. JJJ had mentioned the site in her blog and they have lots of information and classes.


    I don't know how to make it link in comments.

    Savvy had a Boot Camp NaNo and you join up in teams. I thought it was to simply encourage one another. While it is that, it is also a competition with a free class to the winning team.

    You get points for making word count. Doing the daily challenge, being a cheer leader to you team (I learned to Tweet ;) They have bonus points you can earn. So this last week the bonus round is: you get 2 points for every 1667 words written and an extra point for joining a sprint every day.

    It's all kind of crazy and has made this NaNo a roller coaster ride for me. It was a struggle at first - the confines of having to do certain things every day and the whole learning new social media skills. However, now that I've settled in I am enjoying it. AND with this last crazy push for points there is a good chance I will actually finish my novel this year.

    Thanks for the congrats. I've been terrible about making the rounds as all my time has been focused on Nano and Savvy. I am sure that congrats to you is also in order as you are a writer extraordinaire.

  4. Congratulations....go go go.

  5. Congratulations with your NaNo achievement.

  6. Holy crap, way to go! And I didn't realize that's what all the tweeting was about. I loved seeing you on there.

    Keep going !!! You can totally do this !!!

    1. Taking it a word at a time, but if I keep this up I should cross over 100K before my final upload into the Nano site.

      Now that I've figured out the tweeter thing I may just do a bit more. Go TeamProwlers - er uh, just an automatic reflex. ;)