Friday, November 30, 2012


Thank {insert deity of choice} It's Over

Finished the 5:00 sprint and uploaded to NaNo for final word count.  I am glad to see November come to a close. It's been a challenge and it's been fun. For the first time I have completed a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. I even like it well enough to want to 'fix' it.

Today was crazy for me.  It was a combination of things I suppose, sleep deprivation being high on the list.  I also think that knowing this was the last day my mind went a bit wonky.

Keep in mind that I have not really slept for a week.

I got the giggles at work. Everything was funny.  My boss has a closing with [name omitted]. I worked for this creep for a month and I decided it would be best to use my alter ego Gert to answer the phones.  

Doesn't everybody have an alter ego? Mine is Gertrude Stankovich.

THEN I decided that it would be even more funny if I answered the phone using a different name every time.
This is Celeste.
This is Temperance.
My boss was rolling on the floor laughing trying to figure out how I was keeping a straight face while I answered the phones.

THEN I decided that I should use a J name and if I could end it with a y sound that would be even better.

Names I used: Julie, Jodie, Jessie, Jolie, Josie, Jackie, Jypsy, Junie, Jordy, Janie, Jackie, Joani, joy, Justine and Josephine among others.

As I used a name I crossed it off the list I had created.  It was getting late in the day and the phone rang, "Good afternoon, this is... awkward pause while I look at the list... Josie"

There are times when sleep deprivation is awesome. The whole office decided that this should become a month end tradition.


  1. Sounds like a fun place to work. Now try it with a different seasonal greeting each time you answer...merry christmas/happy holidays/seasons greetings/ creative

    1. I love it. Happy Mayan Appocolipse didn't happen, this is Julianna...

  2. You did it!
    And you had fun at work - bonus!

    1. It was awesome. Month end can be TOTALLY stressful and yesterday was giggles and grins.


    Also? That is HILARIOUS about the phone answering.
    (But then, I'm slightly partial to J names ending in ie.)

    1. He he he - you did notice that your name was first on my list. = )

  4. So excited for you that you finished your story!!! wOO! I love it when we still like our stories once we're finished, too. very good sign. haha

    1. I agree. I am so ready to start discovery. I thought I would wait for the weekend or maybe a week just to get rid of the luggage under my eyes.

      I can't wait - I woke at 4:00 this morning so happy to finally sleep in and immediately started thinking of who could represent my people.

      {{Snoopy Dance}}

  5. But you wrote two novels, according to your word counter! It says 100 000 words!

    And your phone answering sound like SO much fun. Sadly not something I could get away with, given it could be the regional manager calling, and she knows all our names.