Thursday, September 23, 2010

Discovery Class - Cast of Characters

I have finally cast my characters.  Of course I still need to name them and figure out what they are doing. You know, the little things.  But in the mean time I at least have my place holders and that is helping the whole process to gel.

I decided to go with Keira Knightly for my protagonist.

I struggled with casting Angelica Huston as the antagonist as I didn't want to type cast her. But damn girl, if you're evil, you're evil and you are now my place holder.  I chose the picture from Ever After where she is the perfect wicked step mom.

The Supporting Cast:
Beaded Dragon - Every girl needs a familiar.
These are amazing social little critters.  I really would love to have one to add to my menagerie.  I won't, but I would really like one.
Morgan Freeman - He's going to be the wise one, druid kind of player.  Still working out his dynamics.
Herb Woman and Crazy Aunt are just pictures I found for place holders. I haven't found any living representations yet.  There are still movies to watch so there still may be time.

I think the most frightening thing in this process was google imaging 'Crazy Aunt' and I had to look twice.  I thought I saw my photo, sad but true.

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