Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Discovery Class

Place Holders

This week we are choosing 'place holders' for our characters.  I've spent a lot of time trying to find the right fit for my MC (Main Character) and have boiled it down to two; Keira Knightly and Juliana Margulies.

I am leaning towards Keira.  I like the fact that I've only ever seen her play spunky women.  I wanted my MC to be darkish, dark hair, dark eyes.  It seems so many characters with the gift tend towards the light, blue eyes and blonde hair or red hair with green eyes, unless of course they are the evil antagonist.  Is my MC goodness and light; the child of the prophecy born again to restore the universe to order?  Probably not, but then again... I just knew that she could not be a 'light' character.

I've got about a zillion movies with Keira in them, but the one I'm choosing for her audition tape will be King Arthur.  I think she is the most bad ass Gwen EV-ER.  I know that poor Juliana doesn't stand much of a chance, but I adored her in MIsts of Avalon and she is a contender.

Other Contenders were:  Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeny Todd.  I liked the look of darkness and while she was a murderess, if I recall the story correctly, she also had a heart.  Jennifer Gardner, kind of fit the mold, but her wide eyed innocence came through even when she was playing a bad ass roll and that look just was not quite right.  I'm not trying to fool the world into thinking my MC is innocient.  I don't think she is.  Michelle Rodriguez was a contender.  She always plays bad ass women, but it always feels to me as if she wished she'd been born a man and so she's a bad ass; not that she's comfortable in her own skin and can still kick your ass, kid of bad ass.

Yep, this Discovery Class is a bitch.  Eating popcorn and watching movies. These tough assignments are killing me.  Once I decide on my MC, then I have to cast the rest of my main players, guess that will mean more movies. 

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