Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dreams Do Come True and Nightmares

Dreams Do Come True
Walking the dog this morning it was a dream come true for Chester. Anyone who knows my dog knows that a motionless state is next to impossible for him, but it happened this morning. He stopped, stared down the street and did not move a muscle, I'm thinking he was even holding his breath.  It was every dogs dream come true.  A big fluffy white kitty was making a bee line straight for us.  It veered at the last moment and Chester was back to his perpetual motion self.  But for one brief moment my dog and I stood in slack jawed awe.

It is every mother's nightmare to look out the window and see her daughter perched atop a motorcycle learning the art of 'making it go'.  

Nightmare 1
Where's the helmet?  Solid shoes, long pants, long-ish sleeves, but something's missing children!!

Nightmare 2
After a couple of false starts my daughter roars off down the street and I hear this being yelled above the din of the bike, "Don't forget the breaks."
That had me out of my seat.  The helmet thing had me twitching on the couch rocking rhythmically to the mantra, they are adults, they are adults, if they didn't live here you wouldn't know about this, they have to live their lives, they are no longer babies, step away from the motherhood and let them grow up.

Don't forget the breaks? I was out the door like a shot.  
Okay, so I guess it is fairly common in the excitement of the moment to forget that basic lesson.  He had actually taught her where the breaks were located and how to use them.  It was just a heart stopping moment for me, just say'n.

Writing Nightmares
Or maybe I should say Blogging Nightmares.  I have spent two weeks over on yola working up a web page.  Last year at the Muse Writers Conference it was pointed out that authors need to have a web page and I decided to work on mine while I'm waiting for Kyle to call, Kyle is my future boss. 

I was really glad that I'd gotten a jump start when I got a note from one of my instructors at this years Muse Conference.  She wanted to see our websites and she'd critic them.  This is awesome. The conference is not for another month and we had our first assignment.

Needless to say her comments on my website were OUCH. After two frustrating weeks fighting yola (they had been recommended at last years conference) I discover that yola can't give me what I want.

First comment:  Index...should be HOME.  (I tried, the gods know I did)
Your website is ... yawn... a little boring.  You have all the right ideas, you just need to ZIP them up a bit... here's how.

BIGGER pictures! (I went as big as humanly possible)
No links to Twitter and Facebook.  (Shame on me, I'll work on that.)
Widgets (WTF?  Yes, I'll google it. They have gadgets here, will that work?;)
I need more color and action or my ADHD crowd will drift away.
My animals are cute, but that's not what I'm writing about.

Basically, I am in need of a do-over.
Since Yola was not giving me what I needed it was time to move on. In my quest for blog ideas I notice that a lot of people used blogger, and since it did us in good stead this summer, once we figured out the picture thing, it seemed like a logical next step.

So, here we go again.

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