Thursday, December 16, 2010


Strangest Workman's Comp claim ever...

"How did you hurt your knee?"
"It was the curtsy. Well a cross between a bow and a curtsy really."
"You know, the thing actors do at the end of the play. When the main dudette comes forward and accepts the applause."

At work I was told what a smashing job I'd done on a project.  I did my curtsy thing and as I was standing there my 'bad' knee started making strange cracking sounds. Kind of like the sound the cable threads on an elevator makes in the movies as they are snapping one by one. Yep, kind of like that.

Strangest phone call ever...

"Good Morning, this is Judie."
The voice says, "Um, yeah, no. I already talked to you."

hmmm should I take this personally?

Edited to add another odd call.

Good Morning, this is Judie."
"I'm sorry."

That was it. I'm sorry and then nothing? He didn't hang up. I hadn't had a fight with anyone. Didn't sound like a voice I knew.  Possible scenarios ran though my head.

I could envision this man smirking at his glaring wife.  See you crazy #%#$% I can say the words!! Just not to you!!
There's some crazed serial killer out there who has remorse about what he does and calls random numbers just to apologize, make peace with himself.
Some crazy serial killer who calls and says "I'm sorry." and if the intended victim says "That's okay, I understand."  That's it they are the next target.  Dude's already been absolved of his crime.

You can bet your sweet bippy I didn't say a thing.  Not one word.  I just waited to see where this call would go.  Now I find it funny that I write fantasy but none of my possible scenarios dealt with any magic reason for this silly phone call.  Maybe at work I'm more grounded to this universe. ;)


I only have a few more words left before I get my swashbuckler dude for the week 2 challenge  I'm not sure why I'm procrastinating, but I am

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