Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taco Salad

When I think of a taco salad I think of lettuce, meat, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, some guac and sour cream, all lovingly placed in a flour tortilla shell that has been deep fried to resemble a bowl.  That's what I think of...

My first clue should have been when she asked me if I wanted it ala cart.  I was a bit puzzled as I thought taco salad was a bit of a stand alone...but hey, what do I know. 

When she brought me my plate there was one taco.  Now I have to admit it was a DELICIOUS looking taco. It was in a soft shell that was puffy.  The meat looked tantalizing.  It really looked good.  But it was not a taco salad.  My husband asked the gal, does this look like a taco salad to you?

She apologized and whisked away the taco and returned with a hard shell taco.
Hey, all the ingredients were there right?

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