Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wii aka Wheeeee, Yippi

The kids hooked the Wii up in the living room and I think that my life will never be the same again.

My daughter and I have dutifully exercised to a DVD Monday through Friday for about two years now.  There were high points and low points. Biggest Loser "Bob" kicking our ass points and the settling for "Leslie" points.

At some point we began doing the same Leslie Sansone DVD daily.  The time fit perfectly with what we were willing to offer the exercise gods and since it was repetitive we use the time to talk. We knew all the moves and other than a random leg flail or two, it was good.

That is until I discovered the Wii.Fit Plus.
It is awesome.  In the past if my daughter wanted to opt out of exercising I was more than willing to take a day off.  Not with the Wii, there are so many fun things to try that I look forward to it.  On many things I am an epic fail and my obese gray haired Mini Wii shakes her head sadly.  But some things I do well.

I think the most awesome change of mindset is this:
My daughter was playing some sort of sword game where all these people are trying to kill you and you have to hack your way to safety or something.  She was complaining about how her arm muscles hurt.  A visual of of  my own jiggly arms came to mind and I thought: Hey, I want my arms to hurt. Can I play that game? Can I? Pleeease?

We don't chat as much as we once did. But we are laughing, cheering and totally enjoying our morning time together.

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