Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Okay ya'll know I'm not quite right but...

Now I'm gonna prove it.

Over at Vintage Everyday they have some fun photos.  However today when I saw this photo I thought to myself:  Given the age of the photo, I get the goofy hat and swimsuit but who wears tights to the beach?  

Then upon closer inspection I thought:  Do you see the size of that wave coming in? Those two are going down!! Bwahahahahaha

Yeah, yeah I know, fake beach, but that's not the point.

Then when I saw this photo with the sweet caption of
Dogs Watching Over Woman
This gave way to:
 So what'dya think?  Can we eat her now?

The one in the back looks just a bit too eager if you ask me. Just say'n.


  1. They do look suspiciously like they're waiting for lunch.

  2. My first thought was that they were waiting to eat her also. I'm as sick as you are. Oh no. Just kidding.

  3. What I find fascinating (and what gives me great personal satisfaction) is to see the way that our shared life experiences have affected your thought patterns. A person who's never experienced the awesome power of the ocean would look at the picture and not even notice that anything's wrong. However, you've actually been there... on the ocean when the waves were big. Everyone else looks at that picture and says "Ah... Isn't that sweet", but you look at that picture and you say, "Run for your life girl... RUN!!!" I love it.

  4. I keep saying I want to go look at that blog, and as things are falling tonight, I may have some free moments coming up. (Yeah, there will be blogs that I probably won't be going back to.)

    I love these Vintage shots very much! But, what the hell is on her head in the dogs-are-going-to-eat-girl picture? (Although we all know, if it were cats, they'd have already taken a bite out of her by now.)

  5. ahaha oh Julie I thought much the same. I think the the poor woman got a case of the vapors and has a cold compress upon her head... but what do I know. ;)

  6. Looks like they're having tea and she's the scone.

    (It's just a 1920s hair bandeau you goofs!)

    1. Lol! She is the scone!

      (Thanks for the link.)