Saturday, February 11, 2012

So I was thinking...

When I wrote the "Why do we blog?" post I cranked it out at work during a break.  When a bee sting of a thought bothers me I just have to get it out.   In that short span of time I couldn't say why I blogged except to well, blog.  I found I didn't like that response and yet it seemed to be the truth.

As I read through the comments I could identify with every one's reason for blogging.  Then this morning as I was walking Chester I realized. 

I started blogging as a way to share my summer adventure.
I continued blogging because I was 'suppose' to.
I now blog because it's like getting a plate of cookies from the neighbor, you can't return it empty.

Most every day I stop by to see what is happening in your world, sometimes I comment if I feel I have something to add, sometimes I don't.  But most every day I stop by to see how you are doing.  If I didn't blog back, it would be like returning an empty plate.

Oh, and for Delia



  1. Hey neighbour, thanks for the cookies.

  2. Mmm...cookies. I love cookies. (But, really, you shouldn't blog out of some weird sense of obligation. If it's not fun or useful for you, don't do it.)

    Thanks for the Tebow. My day is now complete. :)

    1. ahha it's not that it is an obligation, or that it feels like an obligation. For me sending the plate home with someting on it is a sharing and a coming together kind of thing.

      Glad you like the Tebowing ;))

  3. what Delia said - I like your cookies and I'd miss them, but I don't want you to feel obligated to make them.

  4. I love this community--the web of various blogs I read. You're all such interesting, lovely ladies to interact with.

  5. Who wants an empty plate?! Lol, kidding. The cookies are lovely. And I'm with Mabel, this community is so delightful, and so diverse. I love doing my evening hopping around and checking in with all my on-line pals.

  6. When I first started dating DH I took him something and he returned the container. There was nothing in it...or so it seemed.

    He said, "It's full of my love for you."

    I keep that container in the curio. A gal never knows when she's gonna need some extra loving.

    I do love the community and all the on-line pals. This is a great place to be.

  7. I blog 'cause it's fun, and 'cause writers are "encouraged" to!