Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meet Ginger, my new Grand Kitty

Jess and Stavo found her at a shelter.
Her first family had to move from their home and took her in to the shelter.

I applaud people who are responsible with their choices.
I have porch kitties whose people thought they'd be just fine on their own.
(It's a soap box I won't stand upon today.)

Her second family brought her back because she was 'destructive'.
They didn't bother to get her a scratch post and wondered why she took it out on their furniture.  I applaud that they had the good sense to take her back when it was not a fit.

She has found a good home with the kids.  She is still working on getting used to the boys.  She is okay with dogs, but the lordling can be a bit much.  She will win the pups over as she has the rest of us.

Welcome to the family Ginger.


  1. SO CUTE!!!! I'm sooo happy she has a nice little home with understanding peoples.