Saturday, June 1, 2013

As the weather warms here in Utah,
 it is time to do a few things to make the yard presentable.
(Also known as keeping the HOA off my back ;)

Last year the kids were in charge of the yard. 
They like all things black and the chips they chose were ... black.
I prefer the natural looking bark.
Jaker helped me get it spread out.
Back under my forsythia, it has become a secret garden.
You can see Tiger Baby hanging out in the cool shade.
He didn't appreciate the intrusion into his sanctuary
and decided to hang out on the porch instead.
Where I promptly stuck the camera in his face and intruded anyway.
My kibble - My rules!!



  1. That looks like a fair sized cat. Very lion like.

    1. He is a good size cat. Way too skinny if you ask me. Though he was skinnier when he adopted us.

      Tiger says, "Life as a porch kitty is not to bad at this house. All the kibble you want and wet food twice a day. She always has lots of loving for me and now that I've discovered her boys are nice I let them pet me too."

  2. Your backyard looks like a fun hang out.

    1. That's actually the front yard. The backyard is, um, less.