Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not the knee... =.. (

About 100 years ago... gosh, I can't even really think of the date 1994ish?
I went skiing and as happens I had to go for one last run.

Oh yeah, it was the last.  I was tired and stupid and totally ruined my knee.
A month after the accident I was still in so much pain that I cried and cried when they tried to examine me.  The doctor stopped immediately, wrote me a prescription and told me to come back when he could examine me.

My universe went on day in and day out regardless of the pain.  I had to go on.

I have to say that having tripped over a door mat that was strategically placed to keep a door open, is not only stupid but oh so painful.  I have found myself with my 'good' knee giving me grief... oh, it is not much, a bit swollen, but nothing like when I lost the other knee.  What I'm trying to figure out is how I withstood the pain of the other knee.  How did I go on?  How did I make life function as usual? 

I have not a clue.

I am whining.  I am not happy.  I am not pleased that I have to think to walk.

This blows.

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