Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Let me start by saying I am a social (ooo how does one say this so it is PC?).  My usual word for myself will simply not do here.  I have it, I am socially inept.  Going to family functions can be enough to put me over the edge and not because of the family part, ahaha.

I simply suck at people skills. 

I did go to the first Nano get together. It wasn't easy and if it weren't for my husband I wouldn't be able to make that statement.  However, I did go and it was there that I realized my people skills were even worse than I thought.

Sitting about on the couches trying to get to know one another should be easy. Right?

"So what genre do you write?" a nice gentleman inquires.
"Fantasy," I reply.
"How may years have you done Nano?" he tries again.
After several attempts my husband jumped in and started inquiring as to his genre etc.
He saved me that day. 

Now for the GULP part.  During Nano, I said I'd join a writers group if one was organized. This morning when I got the e-mail.  'It's on. Go to the Facebook page and RSVP."  I did what I do. 
Well, what if I didn't see this e-mail?  Can't go if you don't see the e-mail.

However, I decided that if I did not take this opportunity it would never happen. 
So, I accepted.  I only have 38 hours to agonize over it.
I can do this.
Wish me luck.

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