Thursday, June 30, 2011

Floating Trailer Park

Yep.  That's a bike on the back of the boat.  We talked about the different things that would make life more comfortable, lawn chairs etc.  Then I teased Doug that we'd look like a floating trailer park.  We have the dingy motor 'up on blocks' (Damn thing does NOT work).  We have the laundry flapping from the lines.  Our dingy had sprung a leak over the winter.  The side panels hold it up so we wouldn't sink but your feet will get wet. I had to laugh at the thought of what we looked like rowing to shore in a 'sinking dingy'.

At some point during the trip Doug announced that he was lusting after another boats dingy.  I laughed and told him he had dingy envy and he had to admit it was true.  I'm quite fond of our dilapidated little dingy.  The dingy has never failed us.  The motor is another story, but the dingy has always been there.  It can't help it that it sprung a leak, it's getting on in years, these things happen. ;)

Below is a picture of the dingy Doug was eyeballing. 

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