Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I cursed myself.

I know better and yet...

Spring allergies can really get to me, Daily eye drops are the only thing to get me through.  Drugs might work for some people, but even non-drowsy drugs put me out, so I always muddle through.  Yesterday I was thinking: Hey, I haven't had to use the eye drops for a long time.  My eyes aren't always puffy. I've only sneezed twice in the last week.  This is awesome!

That's when I cursed myself.  I should have known to suggest that the gods look elsewhere prior to even beginning to think such a thing.

This morning Bob came to visit me at the computer desk and I don't know what he'd been in, but it brought my smugness to a screeching halt.  Thanks Bob for keeping me humble.


  1. I originally misread the title, and thought, cool she's cured herself!
    Damn, the very opposite. Aren't you going to be in a fresh breeze soon? That should help. Now, try the "cure" instead of the "curse."