Friday, June 17, 2011

He's still talking to me. YaY

The sails were not as bad to put up as they had been to take down.  The sun hid behind a cloud, it had rained the day before so the dust was settled.  The heat was not as oppressive as it had been last August.  While still a chore, it could have been worse.  I can be such a wha-baby sometimes.

Once the sails were on, jib, main and some contraption called a Lazy Jack that looks like a game of cats cradle on steroids it was time for fun.  We headed down to Sandy Cay (pronounced Key) for snorkeling.  Since the motor on our dingy was refusing to play (surprise) we could not get to the optimal spot for snorkeling, but it was still pretty cool.

Our snorkeling took us late enough in the day that we could go into Little Harbour.  Our boat can only go in/out at high tide, so we were stuck there for 36 horrible. We spent the day at Pete's Pub where we ate, read and enjoyed the breeze off the harbour.

In the evenings a sea otter family thought we were an oddity and would spend much time poking their heads out of the water checking us out. It was really awesome.  At first we didn't know what it was, just a disturbance in the water.  Then I saw one of them, doing a roll through the water and wondered if it were a very small dolfin, but it didn't look quite right.  Eventually they came close enough for us to see what they were.  Their little heads poking out of the water, scaning the boat, then disappearing again, reminded me of the 'Garbage' scene from Star Wars for some reason. 

The first evening after it was dark, but not near dark enough as the waxing gibbous moon shone down in her glory, we jumped in the harbour for a bath.  If you've read any blogs from the Bahamas that mentioned the full moon coming a couple of days early, it is not the end of the world.  it was just my butt.  (We only use fresh water to rinse, on a sailboat water is limited.)

After leaving Little Harbour we went out into the ocean and worked our way up to Man-O-War.  It takes an entire day to get there using sail power, but we weren't in a hurry.  Along the way some dolphins decided to play with the bow of our boat.  Kind of like a game of chicken, but the dolphins always win.

**Awe, shucks!! We have a video clip of the dolphins playing with the boat, but I can't get it to upload.  Later Doug is going to see if he can't get a link to you tube or something.  For now you'll just have to use your imagination.**

We are now at Mango's in Marsh Harbour.  There is a Junkanoo at the park this evening.  Sounds like it will be very interesting.  But first  we need to get some errands done. I have the laundry, and Doug is off to the boatyard, market and bike shop.  When you are on a sailboat you have to work before you play.

Ability to connect to the internet is limited.  I sent the kids a short note when I first got here and told them that to get the note off you had to be standing on your right foot, holding a broken arrow over your head in your left hand, balancing a ball on your left foot and typing with your right hand. I wasn't far off.  We could get a connection at one spot in the boatyard.  Doug moved slightly to get out of the sunlight and it was gone.  I'll write when I can and will have to catch up on everyone's blogs when I get home.

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  1. OHmydeargawd Judie! Thank you SO much for this update!

    Just knowing I "know" someone who is having this adventure is fabulous. And the little interactions you've had with otters, plus dolphins... too cool. Thanks again, and yay! Have fun!