Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Guana Cay

This is a shot from the fabulous Sunset Beach.  It is absolutely beautiful. During the daytime the trees create shade, there is a breeze that blows gently as you sip your Grabber.  It is a wonderful concoction that includes three rums, pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice and is frozen to the consistency of a slushy.  Nummy.

I'm a critter person and I love watching the wild wonders the Bahamas have to offer.  The birds are amazing.  The otter family was wonderful.  The dolphins awesome.  However, the critter that I absolutely adore is the curly tailed lizard.  They are everywhere and are so much fun to watch.   

I love the people at Guanna Cay.  They are so laid back and friendly.  There is a big tree near the government dock and there is a bench that circles the tree.  The inhabitants of the island come and just sit there enjoying the view and the breeze.  It is an awesome place.  They have a cafe that CLOSES for lunch.  Now that, my friends, is laid back.

This year we rented a golf cart and went up to Bakers Bay.  It was quite an interesting adventure, it has a gatekeeper who allowed us entrance.  We parked our golf cart next to the other golf carts and lordy it was the whole dingy thing all over again.  I swear their golf carts were gold plated.

We were wandering around looking for a place to lunch when we were accosted by a 'helpful' employee.  Doug didn't ask about lunch.  He asked for the harbour master.  This guy was the assistant and said he could answer our questions.  Mr. Assistant went on to tell us the amenities of Bakers Bay.  They have a full gym and a perpetual pool. (Yeah dude, the ocean 100 yards to your left, just say'n.)  He then assured us that TRANSIENTS were not allowed.  REALLY?  ahahaha  I've never been called a transient before.  Glad Doug had the presence of mind to inquire as to the cost of this lovely paradise so we weren't given the bums rush out of there. .

We did eventually have lunch.  We had conk salad with goat pepper,  (HOT!!) and lobster pizza.  Fancy.
This photo was taken off the interwebs. 
We didn't take photo's as gawking riff-raff were not allowed. ;)

It was such an odd experience after the wonderful 'laid back' of the Bahamas I knew.  I probably wouldn't have ever thought of it again except for the whole transient thing.  That still makes me laugh.

That's pretty much it for the home movies from me.


  1. You transient nomad you. How could you think it would be okay for you to be in a place so above your station? I'd be laughing, too.

  2. Lol, Judy's right, you are a trailer park boat transient.... just like the rest of us! I love that little lizard SO much... and oh the views! Thanks, again, for sharing all of this.