Saturday, June 11, 2011

Off to the Bahamas

It is such a wonderful place, I am looking forward to going back. I can get the Internet, but you literally have to be in the right place at the right time for it to work. 

The kids (the whole herd) took me out to dinner last night.  I think I'm still full. I did snack a few chips and salsa and my salad came with a casadea (sp?) and I only had just a bit, white flour is one of my enemies.  It was very fun.  I have a great herd.

My husband went a head of me to get the sailboat ready. (He's a teacher and has all summer)  He sent me an e-mail telling me all the things he's been doing and it is a lot.  The man has not started his vacation yet...however, he told me that he hadn't been able to put the sails back on yet and that we'd do that tomorrow.

This is the note I sent in reply:

WoW. Really? The sails? How sweet of you to save them for me. What a wonderful man.
I was just laughing last night telling the kids (the herd took me out to dinner) that you went early to put the sails on so I'd have a positive outlook on the sailing life. Ya know, so I'd want to go sailing for a really long time some day.   ahahaha - I should really learn to keep my mouth shut as it always curses me.  Wow.  I'm tired so anything sounds pretty awful right now, but the thought of the sails does not thrill me. It fills me with more angst than having to find a key under a conch shell and trying to remember some math formula for the secret code to the boat yard.  I'm pretty certain what my first blog will be about. ;)))

For the record:   I know that you basically do all the work on the sails, I'm just there trying to hold up the dusty, dirty, heavy end while trying not to fall off the side of the boat when the lumbering mass shifts suddenly.  I know that it won't be 100 degrees and that we'll be hydrated and life should be better.  I'm just saying my memories of the freaking sails are the stuff that would make Stephen King run in terror.  Just sayin'

I hope he's still talking to me when I get there.


  1. Well, I hope the sails part goes quickly so the fun can begin! :P

    Enjoy the Bahamas!!

  2. While everyone I knew grew up on peanut butter and jelly, I was raised on cheese tortillas... and they are spelled: quesdilla. THAT is what you had. (Nice choice by the way!)

    Maybe the sails will be all done when you arrive. Happy sailing!

  3. I've finally gotten over my jealousy that you're going on such a lovely trip so I can comment now.
    You know a sarcasm button sounds like it would be a marvelous thing. I wonder if it could be achieved. With some follow through you might just have the next 'post-it' type success story.
    Hope your trip is fun, fun, fun.