Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Fake Smile

A friend told me that was the best way to deal with the dreaded reunion. 
It seems to have worked.

That's me nestled 'twixt my two big brothers.  I know a picture of me, who'da thunk it.  But it shows the big fake smile. ;)  Scotty looks less than pleased to be clung to by my sister and Grant looks demonic. He's not, trust me. I was just pleased to have only one chin. 

Why my camera went to brown tones no one will ever know. 
I didn't even know it could do that.  Learn something new every day.

**I can neither confirm nor deny that the word psycho ever appeared in this posting**


  1. It's a beautiful smile. Fake or not. I do love the look on those brothers' faces though!
    (the brown is quite soothing and artistic too)

  2. You look beautiful. I'm not very good at the fake smile your way through thing. Glad it worked for you.

  3. I only had to fake smile when I was forced into a conversation with her. The rest of the time wasn't as bad as all that. I do hate having my picture taken though, but I think the brown tone helped. ;))