Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh my...

When Chester and I walk, I usually leave it up to him to decide where his nose will take us that day. Quite often we go past the house in the picture. The lower bushes in the picture I call the teeth.  At one point these people had so whacked the poor bushes that they looked like little wooden teeth to me.  Chester loves to pee on the teeth. 

Yesterday as we were wandering home I looked up and gasped, "Oh dear...." 
There where a beautiful green bush used to be was a block of foliage.  "It grows back," was all I could think to say to the larger bush.  I get that some people prefer a trim bush and we should be thankful that they knew to STOP and didn't go all Brazilian on the thing. (Like they did when they created the teeth.)   I just don't see anything wrong with letting a bush be a bush.  If you wanted a square, buy a box.


  1. I have never liked 'manicured' lawns. The teeth and the box thing are ugly. Why would someone do these things to a perfectly nice bush?

  2. I prefer wild and lovely myself.

    Well, if the grass grows too tall I get antsy for Stavo to cut it, but other than THAT I prefer wild. Probably wouldn't mind the grass either, but the HOA gets all bitchy and begins charging fees on top of fees.

    Poor, Poor Bush = (

    Since the HOA has nothing better to do than watch my lawn grow, perhaps they should do something about people butchering perfectly lovely plants. Just say'n.

  3. Overtrimming a bush is just un-natural. On so many levels.

  4. Oh my.

    I think in some contexts they're fun. In this pic those teeth are horrid, the tree looks just ok. I suspect in your neighborhood (judging by how you've described) it's all bleh and wrong.

    But on a totally frou frou mansion lawn with a maze, I say go crazy and amuse us! Or on the lawn of a French palace!