Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How did I offend?

We went to the farmer's market over the weekend.  Not as much produce as one might think, but lots of other fun stuff.  It was held at Wheeler's Farm and so we went exploring the animals.

We met a couple of talker Geese.  Zoe was the more vocal of the two.  A gal that cares for the geese introduced us.  I had the misfortune of inquiring as to the hairy duck, "What's his name?" It seemed like an innocent enough question.  "I don't do ducks. Just the Geese," she looks down her nose at me and sniffs.

(See the white patch? It' a tuft of feathers.)

It was all down hill from there.  The cows didn't want to have their picture taken.  I guess Bossy thought the spots made her look fat.

We thought the Blondie goat's ZZ-Top beard was awesome.  He thought he had better features and displayed them for us.

As did his friend a few pens down.

Definite pattern here I think. Everybody was turning their back to me. 

They had pigs,  I hollered "Hey Porky" to get the pig to look up and I swear you could hear her say, "Pot and kettle my dear, pot and kettle."

I liked the 'dreaded' goat.  You can't tell from the picture but this poor guy's wool was just a bunch of mats, but then maybe he liked it that way.  He at least allowed us a front end view.

And they had chickens, though I think this guy is a rooster 'cause he has the red comb thing.  What do I know, I'm a city girl. 

All in all it was a very fun day. 


  1. That rooster dude looks like the one I had in my back yard until recently! I miss that guy!

  2. It would be fun to have critters just wandering through. Here we get the occasional skunk and sometimes Chester and I see bunnies.

  3. Snobbery down on the farm! Who knows what sort of politicking goes on there!!

  4. Judie, the one you think might be a rooster,definitely is. You can't tell on him so much from the comb, but his gigantic hackle (shoulder) feathers and arching tail feathers are a dead giveaway--hens don't get those. Usually farms aren't *that* snobby of a place--not sure what the problem was. Lol!

  5. ahaha it was just the funniest thing that most everyone turned their backs to me. Once the pattern had started I just had to comment on it.