Monday, November 14, 2011

Dad'burn Gombu!!

I am grateful that I had a three day weekend in which to rest, take drugs and basically drool on myself.  It was about all I was good for.  But I am feeling not only better, I have my spunk back.  Over the last few days I've had moments were I felt 'better' but when the option was between computer or bed.  Bed won, hands down.

As for the Red Bar of Doom
(The word count you should be at for the day)

Meet my Red Bar of Doom Kitty -  The picture of this cat has been with me since the first Nano representing the Red Bar of Doom and the fact that it was nearly nipping at my heels. 

However, this Nano the cat seems to be depicting-- if I open my eyes wide enough and look to the distant horizon I might just be able to catch a glimpse of the Red Bar of Doom.

I say to the Red Bar of Doom, "Whatever!  The month is young and I've kept every pom pom waive and cheer given to me and they will see me through. HA!  Take that, Red Bar of Doom!!"


  1. Glad you are feeling so much the kitty..never mind the red bar of can do it.

  2. Glad you're better. When I get better after feeling very sick it seems like a new lease on life. Like a 2nd chance.

    Nano is tough. Good luck :)

    And thanks for the kind comment on my story.

  3. You are right -- after being sick you really appreciate being well.

  4. Happy feeling better! Your word count will bounce back, I'm sure. The question is, what will Julie do when she sees that cat? Can we get a camera set up?

  5. What a cute kitteh!!! Glad to hear you are recovered!

  6. GAH!!!! My eyes, my eyes..................get. that. thing. away. from. meeeeeeeeee.... ACK! Nooooooo~~~~~~~~~~

    (What? Too much?)
    It's hideous! Really Judie, not good. The very opposite of good. Totally freaking me out.

    (Super creepy, just .....ick.....)

  7. Take that! Adorable RB of D kitteh!!

  8. Ahahaha I do think of Julie every time I put a picture of a Kitty on my blog.

    Word count is going up slowly. I'm still sleeping in in the mornings. I just promise to be wonderfully wordy this weekend. ;)

  9. Yeah, I'm on track with my word count but not too enthused. But I just reached an exciting part so it oughta be good!

  10. That kitty is kind of creepy. I think I'm on Julie's team with this one. You all can just take your kitty and go over there. Wwwwaaaayyyy over there.

    Glad you're feeling better!