Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Closing in on the Red Bar of Doom...

But it is taking a toll on me.

Sorry to be ignoring everyone.  
I'll be back come December 1...
Or perhaps December 2. 

I know, I know... ANOTHER CAT!!
At least this one isn't freaky. Well, at least it isn't freaky to me.

See ya all in another week.


  1. Don't they have such a thing as LOL dogs? Jeez people, is that too damn much to ask?

    Happy writing, no worries, we can entertain ourselves, not with freaking cats, but ya know, some how.

  2. LMBO! Keep posting the cats. I can't be the only one who's messing with Julie. ;)

    Good luck. See you in December.

  3. Beige. hehehe. I love kittehs so I'm not fussed.

    Hope the last days of NaNo treat you gently!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your having a lovely day!

  5. It's kinda creepy. I mean, it's a cat. Like Julie said, don't they have LOL dogs? Please?

  6. That cat is totally freaky! But I like freaks.

    Good look with killing the final few thousand!!

  7. Thanks all. LoL dogs... would it be the same? Dunno.