Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishing Day Challenge

It's going on six in the morning right now.  I will exercise with my daughter and then begin the challenge. When you think about it, it is really a crazy challenge, so I suppose one should not think, just write.

The challenge is to write 11,111 words on 11/11/11 - and since it is wishing day, you get bonus points for adding a wish.

In the past I've been able to do these crazy things.  I've done 10,000 in a day before.  Once I took a day off work and I wrote 25,000 words to help give SLC an edge in the word war, I think I did it in 18 hours. So I know I have it in me.  Just need to buckle down and 'get 'er done'.

I'll drop in throughout the day and update it. 

Beginning word count:  13,127 - 6:00 AM
                                   15,538 - 9:30 AM - 
                                   Slow start but there was exercising and breakfast in here too.
oh dear, sickness got me.  Fell asleep and word count suffered.
I'll work on 11,111 for the weekend?
Back to sleep now.


  1. Okay....I'm rooting for you. Channelling lots of words and sending them your way.

  2. Hope you're not feeling too terrible and hope the weekend goes better!

  3. the key to managing this not-cold (which is actually a horrid REAL cold) is to stay well medicated. Pain relief, cough drops, vitamins, supplements, anything you can think of, take it!

    You did great for the circumstances. Pom poms up and waving!

  4. I didn't even know what this challenge was about...and suffice it to say I failed. hehe