Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nano Day 6

On the surface of things it looks as if I've only written about 4,000 words in the last few day.  Not so, I started over, discarding all words prior to Saturday 6,099.
No worries, they are tucked safely away if I need a net. ;)

I convinced a friend to do Nano with me and I decided that I should zero out my word count as a show of support for her starting on Friday, four days behind.  But then I run into the competitive me that doesn't want to fall behind and so... two days and 10,057 words later, I'm right where I should be.

I realize that a lot of Nanoer's do that amount all the time. Later in the month I am generally up to speed, but not by the first weekend.  While it is true we got and extra hour's sleep, that got used up by someone texting me at 10:30 at night to find out if I had a book they could borrow.

Really?  Then the cat went on a rampage because we are denying him the food that makes him sick.  Truly - the cat is pissed and is showing us in ways that only a cat can that he is not happy.  However, his wails of, "But I want to throw up" go unheeded. 

So long story longer, I was pleased that my sleep deprived brain managed it. 
YaY Brain. 
Psst, Brain -- get ready for Friday when you do more than that in one day.  hehehe

The saying goes, 'you've got to give to receive'. 
I gave up 6,000 words but what I got was my story.  I kid you not.  Those words were but a false start and by giving them up, on Saturday when I started with a clean slate... the story flowed. 

**Thank you Universe -- I am grateful for finally finding my story - I feel compelled to alert you to the fact that I'm hanging on to the words, 'cause ya never know.  All words count in Nano and I may or may not choose to use them.  ;)


  1. So now you are on a roll. I knew you could do it.

  2. WOW. 10,000 words on two days ?!?! Will you marry me? And support me with your writing?

  3. Awe thanks guys -- When a story is flowing it really goes. NaNo offers you the freedom to write crap - and in that freedom, sometimes it isn't. ;)

    Keep in mind, too that I've been doing discovery writing --Thank you Lani/Lucy -- for several months.

    No plot to speak of and that was my stumbling block. But I had the characters with back story. A grand place/world for them to live in. When they were ready to play -- out they did come.

    No one is doing what I thought they might, but that's okay. It is turning into a better story than I imagined.

  4. Yay for finding your story! Funny how that works sometimes, isn't it? Great going on the word count, too!

  5. I'm glad you found your real beginning! Good luck :)

  6. Fall Back is the ONLY part of Autumn that I truly love.
    Go Judie Go!!! (Can you see my pom poms from there?)

  7. I can see them Julie!! YaY I need them too. Thanks!!