Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Learn something new every day...

ahaha I'm still blogging every day... guess it is a habit.

I was looking for SLC vs Elsewhere - a yearly competition that I enjoy. 

I did find a challenge for 11/11/11 They called it 'Wishing Day".
I got curious and come to find out that the 'best time' for wishing is 11:11.  That's kind of cool as I see 11:11 on the time clock at work all the time.  Not sure why I notice that, but I did, so cool.  Now I know to make a wish.  It will be the same wish that I throw at every falling star.  (Meteor-ahaha love you Doug) 

So on 11/11/11 the challenge will be to write 111,111 words.  If you can throw a wish into your story you get bonus points.  Major Awesome!!

Update on the story.
I am happier with what I wrote today - it is still - bunk, but there are nuggets I can work with and I can see how this will move into a real story.  I'm down with that, the story wasn't presenting itself to me and so I'm flying without a parachute.  It's okay.  It's Nano, this is to be expected.

I kept the crap words from yesterday - this is permissible in Nano. Added today's and I am at 4,397.


  1. Just write, eventually the words will find their places.

  2. Super odd ... ready? Dan's aunt (who is really the age of his sister, so is more like a cousin) lives near Salt Lake City, and keeps getting 11:11 flashing on her clocks. She just wrote recently asking me about it.

  3. And I am getting nowhere at all. Nada, niet, rien. I feel like Dorey. "Just keep writing, just keep writing"

  4. "Just keep writing, just keep writing"
    That's what I plan to do - it will fall together. Yours will too... Just keep writing.

    That is so odd about the 11:11 thing flashing. I just notice it on the time clock at work, but it doesn't flash or anything cool.

  5. It is perfectly permissible to keep the bad words during NaNo. In fact, I'd say that's the whole point -- giving yourself permission to keep going and correct your course along the way. You can fix the rest after, right? Go, Judie!