Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Far, So Good...

Week One
Running - I fulfilled everything on the list.  Including the 1 mile 'run'. I went the distance and ran more than walked.  Works for me.

Weigh Less:  I keep calling it weight loss and I'm of the opinion that the very words are the reason I keep finding the damn weight again.  Weight Loss sounds like something I've lost and might want back.  No, no, no, no, no.  In my attempt to 'weigh less' I am down 3 pounds.  That's normal for me in the first week the other pounds take more effort.

Writing:  eh --I wanted to be a bit further along than I am, but I still have today. 

In fact I should probably report on Monday, but I know I have time on Sunday's so that's when I'll let you know how it goes... I'm assuming you are interested???  Maybe not, but you can skip over that part.  It is good for me to be accountable if only to myself.

This is getting to be less of an OMG moment as I am doing it a bit more regularly.

I made meatloaf

This is Stavo's family recipe and it takes two people to make it.
One to put the ingredients in and one to squish.
I was the squisher.

Near as I can figure it goes like this:

Two pounds of hamburger - I wanted to substitute half with ground turkey, but the look I got convinced me that treading upon Stavo's family tradition was verboten.  Got it.  Two pounds of hamburger.

In a large mixing bowl add the hamburger, two eggs and a cup of oats.
When Stavo and Jess are pleased with the squishingness

Add What's this here sauce (Worcester) 1/4 cup?
keeping in mind this is all really eyeballed.
Minced Garlic - a glob
Onion powder - more than you'd think you'd be adding
Ketchup - 1/2 cup
Heinz 57  - 1/2 cup
Squish, squish, squish until Stavo and Jess are satisfied.

Make a loaf looking thing and put in the chicken roaster pan (not sure that a chicken has ever been roasted in that pan but it is the only way I know to describe it.)

Poke three holes in the loaf like thing - fill holes with ketchup and Heinz 57.

Then drizzle (pastry fashion) ketchup and Heinz across the loaf.

Be sure to get the ends.... this is apparently VERY important as I didn't do it at first and was reprimanded.

Add red potatoes and carrots.  We just filled the remaining space.  Slapped on the lid and...

Bake 1 hour per pound  (gotta say ingredients say two pounds of meat would it not stand to reason to say cook two hours???) 

Bake at 1 hour per pound and if you want it crispy add a 1/2 hour.

2.5 hours got it!!

All in all it was good.  It certainly wasn't my mother's meatloaf.  Was very please it wasn't my mother's meatloaf.  Doug seemed happy and really that's all that matters to me.

I should probably add 'Cook Something' to my list of goals, but for now I prefer to let it come upon me... I get this feeling that maybe I could do it... and then I do.    If it was a goal I think the pressure would get to me. Cooking is such a struggle for me... I do enjoy trying to cook for Doug, but don't tell him I said this. ;)


  1. Goals are good and it looks like you are bearing down on yours. I promised myself to try to eat out less and so far this is day 8 of eating all meals at home. bleach. I HATE cooking (almost as much as I hate cleaning).

  2. I won't tell him if you don't.

  3. And by the way... The rumor I'm hearing is that he loved the meatloaf.

  4. Yeah, I'm freaking myself out by cooking more nowadays. My aunty is waiting for an invitation to dinner. I like just cooking for myself, but oh well, I kind of totally owe her at least one dinner. ;)

  5. Always love to hear about your writing goals so never hesitate to blog about them. And the meatloaf smells wonderful!

  6. Cooking is always an adventure.
    Especially with the family recipe. ; )

  7. I have veggie meat sitting around in the fridge that I need to use up. And I was thinking: Must find a meatloaf recipe and see if it works with this stuff.

    Can't believe I popped in here and... meatloaf recipe! I even have red potatoes. ...Will let you know how it goes.

  8. Sounds yummy although I no longer eat red meat (my mouth can still drool can't it?) I have a yummy recipe for meatloaf too which I haven't used for years and probably won't ever because of the above reasons but it's a tasty memory nonetheless.

    I read a book a while back in order to lose weight and the writer recommended saying you are "releasing the weight" for the very reason you stated, it's too easy to find it again if you lose it. :)

  9. I have the same thoughts about weight 'loss' so I call it weight reduction.
    I've never thought of cooking potatoes and carrots in meatloaf like it was a roast. Gonna try your recipe.