Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DITKA and Damn you auto correct

Taking a break I checked out Damn You Auto Correct.
If I'm going to read stuff like this I am going to need a splash guard for my computer screen.

I think a DITKA might be a sweater? 


  1. LOL Too funny. Mike Ditka is the guy wearing the sweater. Probably he had some Ditka football memorabilia. :)

  2. Catching up (as it appears I now do EVERY time Dan has a weekend) and this is a great post to find! I really try to proof read before I hit send, ESPECIALLY to the kids!

    I loved seeing all of those successes on the last post, go you!!!

  3. Football mimorabillia - makes more sense that a sweater. I was thinking "that's one powaful, powaful vacuum." Stuff TV commercials are made out of.

    I try to proof. My friends will just laugh at that statement. Once my brain thinks a word is a word, that's the word it sees.

  4. Damned computers trying to run the world!