Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm not a resolution kind of gal, but I do like goals and I did set a few goals for myself to achieve during the upcoming year.  Well, technically during the upcoming six months.

My writing goal is a  bit daunting but doable.
I want to finish my Nano novel and have a book made.  One of the winner's perks.
Problem is I realized that I had a trilogy (good for fantasy) in the making and so I am basically starting from scratch for the first book.  I am taking January and part of February to get it 'really' written and then of course  the 'drawer' period, followed by the edit period, followed by the....  A challenge, but doable.  I have until June 30 to submit and have the book printed.

Heath wise...
Always with the lose weight.... I did lose 35 pounds last year.... I, um, let 10 of those pounds creep back on, so technically 25 pounds.... but I'm okay with that.  I chose to take 'time off' and for once in my life I didn't gain it all back PLUS some friends.  I look forward to another year of weight loss

This is my most challenging goal:
I want to run a 5K - keeping in mind at all time that run = what I call 'shamble', but if I can run, I'll be happy with that too.  I used to run.  Loved running.  Ran a marathon, ran numerous 50 mile series, lots of little races... running was always slow, back of the pack stuff, but I loved it.

One year while skiing I took a tumble and I destroyed my knee.
It has been years upon years but  I think my knee is ready.  I can now walk Chester up and down hills that a few years ago I couldn't have managed.  I simply stayed at the top of the hill and Chester could only go as far as the leash allowed.  Times they are a changing.  Walking Chester daily has been my saving grace. 

I found a Couch to 5K outline for making this goal work.
The timing was right for the 5K run in conjunction with the SLC Marathon.
On Tuesday when it was my first run day (run for 10-15 min.) ahahahaha
I told Chester 'RUN' and he remembered RUN from the summer sprinkler time when we haul ass to get out of the waters way.

Tuesday was hilarious to watch us try to work it out.

Thursday was another run day and we did a good job and I even had times when I ran and didn't shamble.  Tomorrow is a 'run a mile'
Well, I anticipate mostly shambling, but that's okay... It's going the distance that matters.


  1. Good for you. I so admire folk who can run.

  2. I admire runners too! (I really want to BE one.) This is so great!
    Way to utilize Chester to his highest potential as well.

  3. Woah, running a 5k would be huge! I always think I could never do that stuff, but I know if I worked up to it long enough I'd be able to. I've just always hated running. I've done a bit of it in the last year though.

  4. It's funny that in high school we could either run the track or run the stairs. I ALWAYS chose the stairs.

    When Adam was born, his father was a runner, and he could understand my wanting to get out of the house to run so he would actually watch Adam durring that time. I learned to love running it was my freedom -my escape.

    And it was safe for him too - Generally I wasn't allowed to talk to people but how much trouble could you get in when you're huffing, puffing and 'talking' at the back of the pack during races. I so valued that human contact - those ladies will never know.

    This might be a TMI moment. I've been known to do that from time to time.