Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can you see me now??

Have you ever had one of those days when you begin to wonder if you are invisible?

It starts out with little things.  A car backs out right in front of you.  Another car attempts to take up the space you are currently occupying forcing you to break hard or crash.  Yet another car turns left in front of you and you are already in the intersection.
Lights are on. I dunno. Just one of those days I suppose.

Your co-worker doesn't say hi or speak to you at all.  For the ENTIRE day. 

Well, okay Miss Grouchy Pants.  It's a Monday, but still no excuse.

On the way back from the little cowgirl's room two people are taking up the whole hall and walking towards you.  The one that is about to crash into you is intent in the conversation forcing you to walk backwards or be mowed down.  When she realizes that there is an impediment to her current route she doesn't say "Sorry" or "Oops" or "WTF" or anything.  Her eyes glide over you and she keeps walking.

"Hello? Can you see me now?"  I want to raise my middle finger but refrain. ;)

You go  into the market to get dinner the bag boy flings his arm out as if to signal a left hand turn and had you not backed up he would have knocked you to the floor.  Dude barely misses you and yet again, not an oops or sorry or any acknowledgement that you are there.

It' started to seem as if I had a little Sixth Sense action going on. 
I was tempted to run to a cashier and ask, "Do you see dead people?" 

At the store I look up and see Stavo -  He saw me.  I do exist, I do, I do, I do.

Strange freaking day.


  1. You are going to have to start speaking up and striking back. I see you over there.

  2. Maybe have one of those 'punching' puppets that you can smack people with if they don't see you :)

  3. Weird day, indeed. I've never had a day like that (but then again, I'm kind of hard to miss). I mean, the occasional rude person isn't that odd, but the coworker thing is just strange.

  4. ahaha I should get a punching puppet. That would be awesome.
    And as far as the co-worker goes... well, she is a bit odd, but in conjunction with everything else it was just nuts!!

  5. I HAVE had days like that (and I'm noisy), at some point you just need to shout. Loudly. Good that Stavo could see you, it also helps when a loved one say's "yep, there you are."

    Missed a few so I'm going to comment my fool head off here.

    Snow walk with Chester: awesome!!!

    Cute teacher: also awesome!!!

    There, all current. You may proceed. ;)

  6. lol punching puppet!!

    we see you judie

  7. I mostly only have that happen on the road. But I do remember as a kid ALWAYS feeling that way and that would be punctuated by going up to a counter to pay for something, being the only one there and no response. Then the salesperson would take other people before she finally looked at me. It's a bizarre feeling.