Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Traditions

At work we were talking about Christmas traditions that our families have.

Every year we got PJ's on Christmas eve.  That way in the morning when photos were taken there were no embarrassing holes. 
(Ya know the bare ass in the embarrassing thing. ;)

This appears to be a universal tradition. Parents all over the world like appropriate photos it seems.

The following tradition, not so universal.

Right before bed we'd sit around the table and get sloshed.  Seriously.  My parents would ply us with wine so we'd sleep.  Couldn't get away with that in this day and age. 

Mom would read us The Night Before Christmas.  Drunk children can make some pretty humorous comments.  Made even more hilarious when Mom had been hitting the eggnog a bit early.

We'd then stagger our way to bed.
Dad would make strong black coffee for my Mom and magical, magical in the morning Santa had left us presents.

One year Grant decided he was grown up and proclaimed there was no Santa.  He wanted to help wrap presents for 'the kids'.  My dad agreed and as Grant was wrapping presents he noticed he didn't have any.  When he inquired about the lack my father said, "You don't believe in Santa, why would you get presents."  My dad could be a dick like that. 

Grant must have mended his ways in the night because in the morning Santa had stopped by and left him presents.

Do you have any family traditions or fun stories to share.

**BTW  don't judge me or my family
It is the same family that allowed us to smoke my grandpa's pipes and Grant got a cigarette that he traded me for a pipe.  I discovered that smoking did not sit well with me.  Nor cousin Jeff who was puking audibly in the bathroom.

When I was in middle school and everyone thought it cool to smoke in the 'circle' or drink behind their parents backs.  I was free to say, "I can do that at home. What's the point?"

My family is crazy.  I am crazy. 
But it looks good on me. ; )


  1. Definitely sounds like your family and it's traditions worked for you. What else matters?
    Happy happy.

  2. Love the drunk-tradition. Amuses me highly.