Friday, December 21, 2012

Precisely at 4:11 am

Chester started barking uncontrollably. Bob started meowing and hissing. The bed began to levitate. 
Then there was the other dream where the zombie apocalypse was taking place and I had to leave home without a bra so running was uncomfortable. But pain be damned I was motivated to escaped the zombies that were following me.  
I did find a place to hide out. The house was built on a really tall concrete block and it took a lot of energy to get to up the block and get to the house. Jumping and scrambling and what not.  Made it very safe as zombies don't seem to have a lot of energy. There were guinea pigs in the bath tub so I couldn't take a shower.
Oh and somehow Simon Cowll was in my dream - I think it might have been his house. I eventually found an orange and yellow sports bra but I don't remember running after actually getting the bra.
I think I've been playing around with the whole apocalypse thing too much. ;)


  1. That was one out of control dream...glad you made it to safety.

  2. That is funny. I heard of one woman who has been a bit nervous the last few days and nearly had a heart attack when her husband let off a firework this morning!!

    1. Oh dear. That poor woman.
      But the fireworks are funny. I rather like that idea.

      The husband of one of the gals at work gave her a gun to protect her from the crazies. That's totally crazy to me.

  3. Support! Dreaming of bras is all about SUPPORT! Which you obviously have. In bright colors even.

    And, you were safe.
    Win, win.