Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You can't make this up...

Santa is too damn cute! I am so taking him and Clarice to work tomorrow.  No, I haven't been playing with him. Why do you ask?

Do you know that Santa sings lots of songs and Clarice only does Rudolf.... which sounds kind of wrong when you say it that way.

Santa is possessed and won't stop singing.  The thought of Rudolf and Clarice doing it has put him over the edge, I am going to play cookie Santa to counter the spell.  Wish me luck.

See the whole butler comment suddenly makes sense, does it not?

This is cookie Santa.  Yes, that is wine.  No it's not empty.  Not yet.

Santa and Clarice.  He's a multi tasker and she's a one trick pony.
The kids use to surprise me with stockings.  I thought that would end when they left the domain.  Seems I didn't take back all the keys and "Santa" made a visit.
I got up to walk Chester to discover that Santa had paid a visit.
Jake mentioned that they were lucky to not be maced or batted.
I mentioned they were smart enough to come in the early sleep where I'm comatose.
Santa Brought Chester a dildo.  Or a large chew..  I wanted to build an inappropriate snowman, but I did not.  You are very welcome DH.
Dear gods.  Mouse ears.  He does it naturally.  Must be magic.
Barbosa and Jess.  He's such an active pup that getting his picture is impossible... I did try.

It was a good Christmas. Crazy, food filled and just fun.

Oh butt shots for those who might want them.

Jake said, "You totally took a butt shot. "
I said, "I totally did."



  1. Someone is having a well deserved, fun holiday. You go, Judie!

  2. ahahaha thanks!!! It was a very fun day.

  3. So glad your holiday was fun and CRAZY!
    With kids, what else can we ask for?

  4. Awww, what nice elves you raised.