Thursday, December 6, 2012

So, what's on your bucket list?

Only a short time left before the Mayan Apocalypse, how will you spend your last days?

I saw this over at JJJ's blog Novel Truths and bought it immediately. 

I haven't had a chance to read the whole book yet.  
I cherry picked the ones that tickled my fancy last night.

 16.  Throw Away All Your Books (Except this one)  
ahahaha It is an e-book.  One book goes, they all go.  

20.  Go to work in a Gorilla Suite.  
JJJ suggested a devil outfit.... At my work they would just shrug and accept. 

44.  Answer the Question, "How are you?" with complete honesty
"Other than waiting to light my desk on fire, I'm doing pretty well.  After all I'm leaving here aren't I?" Oh, that would be choice.  Lighter fluid in one hand, a match in the other and a crazed smile on my face. 

Can you imagine the things that would be said if we all didn't do the polite thing? 
Oh would I had the courage to try it.  

55. Speak with a different fake accent each day.
Kind of coincides with my, never answer the phone as the same person thing.  Love it.

74. Start your own apocalypse Blog.
"If a person has a computer and a least one finger, they can start a blog."
Alas, this sounds a bit too much like my blog.

81.  Stock up on Crossbows, Stakes, Hammers and Axes.
I write fantasy - what stocking up would be required?  

It is a fun romp  by Jon Hanson and more than worth the $1.99 he's asking.

JJJ did not lead me astray.  She never does. 
 For the Zombie Apocalypse JJJ suggested that a helmet might be in order.  I think I concur.


  1. I would all the dairy you've been craving....after all, who will be left to offend?

  2. I missed this. So glad you are enjoying Jon's book. He's a funny guy.

  3. I love this list!! I blogged about something similar this past spring. I especially like the fake accent idea :)