Sunday, May 19, 2013

And this is why...

You take a before photo.

Doesn't look like much, but you should have seen it!
 Jake told me my little battery powered weed whacker would NOT tackle the over grown jungle that was my patio.  But I wanted to BBQ and you can't do that in knee high grass, right?
Jake told me to have Stavo bring his gas powered monstrosity. He said it had the power to take care of my jungle. 
Pshaw I say to that.  Never under estimate the power of a woman who wants to BBQ and is not content to wait for some man with his high powered, noxious fume belching machine.
(Not that Stavo would not have done it but he works 70 hours a week.)
So with my little weed whacker in hand I had to try. 
It worked well enough to BBQ.
When Stavo has time and brings the high powered machine I'm sure it will work better but for now this will suffice.


  1. I'll have my steak medium/well thanks. It looks good to me.

    1. Yes ma'am your order will be up shortly. ;)

  2. My mother just got one of those! She loves it.
    Good for BOTH of you!
    Julie (who'll take a hot dog or veggie burger, either one is fine, thanks)

    1. I'll make you a veggie burger. Do you like vegetables on top, a tomato, some lettuce perhaps?