Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day

My Mom's Day was fantastic.

"Wait, she posted that at 6:30 am Sunday morning...what?"

Scratch your head no more, I will explain.

My kids know that Sunday is sacred to me.  It is my time to be alone and recharge for the next week so one of the gifts they gave me was to celebrate Mom's Day on Saturday.

On Saturday morning the boys came over and we went to coffee. 
It is a Saturday ritual that I love.
The pup with the cone of shame says 'Seriously?' 
Each of the pictures has a cute saying.

And I got a weed whacker.  It is battery powered. 
The boys said that it is Mom proof. 
Now I have a battery powered mower AND a batter powered whacker. 
The HOA will love me this year.
Then after all the manly yard work has been done they gave me:

Shae butter lotion and a sea salt scrub. 
It will have me back to womanly loveliness in no time.
Or at least the sweat will be washed off.

Jess and Stavo stopped by later that afternoon and this was my surprise. 

Filled with all kinds of flavorings for my casein cakes.
I asked for lemon extract and I got heaven.

But wait, there's more

A turtle holding a bamboo shoot and that little red blotch is a ladybug. 
How cute is that?

All in all I would say it was a win for this mom.


  1. Wow....what a haul lol.

  2. A haul and on Saturday so your Sunday could be free. I love your kids.

  3. You DID win! Nicely done, all over the place.
    (who is now getting caught up)

    1. I need to get caught up too. My computer at home hates BlogSpot for some reason. It is hit and miss when it will work. So I sneak stolen moments at work. shhhhh don't tell any one ;)