Saturday, May 4, 2013

What did you say?

I heard this sentence in the hall at work and I'm puzzled.

"Are you what you are?"

How does one respond to that?

I are not certain. 

I was, but now I am questioning it. 

Why are you asking me this?

I hear the strangest things in the hallway at my work.   A lot of times I will respond even if I'm not part of the conversation.  If you are hollering in the hallway how am I to know that it was not directed at me?

One fellow is famous for this. 

"Yo ho ho," he hollers.  There was some dude at the end of the hall he was yohohoing but I was between him and the dude and so I replied.  "And a bottle of rum."  He has not made eye contact with me since.  There is also a lot less hollering when I'm around.  Win/Win I suppose.


  1. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the whisperings that go I was fond of saying at work...if you have to whisper you probably shouldn't be saying it.

  2. "No, I'm not what I am. I am what I'm not... and a bottle of rum."

    Don't ask me what that's supposed to mean. It just seems like a good response.

    1. Yoho ho right? I am not wrong in this/

  3. I'm reminded of that old song by Edie Brickel
    "what I am is what i am - are you what you are or what?"

    1. Must google this. It was soooo odd. Not that my life is not odd but...