Thursday, May 9, 2013

Well, alrighty then...

The Blogess had a link.
I followed the link and I think it is worth the read.
I haven't even read part one...Part two

I felt I hit bottom this last year.

The threat of losing Chester and then all the dead people.
 Brother, Niece, Uncle, Sister in Law.
My world was not a good place. People I assumed would support me, did not. Alliances that should have been dissolved, reigned supreme. My voice did not matter. Life sucked.

Check out the link.  It is about depression.
It is long, but worth the read.  If you have never been depressed it gives you insight into what it is like.

If you have been depressed it gives a whole new meaning to that kernel of corn.


  1. This is a young woman that my daughters and I have followed for years. (Well, Dan and J.D. do too.) She lives here in Oregon now. Yeah, she does it right when she tells it.

    You are strong, we all know this. You have the support of your very own Doug and your children. And yet, sometimes, life just fucking sucks.

    (who has your back, always)

  2. Sometimes life just plain old sucks and all we can do is wait it out and hope for the best. Hope things start to look up for you soon and in the meantime, you can talk to us. We won't judge.

    1. I am actually doing good - today - ahahaha I have more up days than down days. It just seemed that it needed to be passed along and so I did.

  3. I read that. It was really touching.